🔥👉 Do some sex positions lead to a higher chance of pregnancy?

"✅👉 There are many myths surrounding sex and pregnancy, but no one position has been proven to be better than others when it comes to increasing the chances of becoming pregnant. The best advice is to have regular, unprotected sex throughout the month to increase the chances of conceive."

Mason Gaylord IV
Mason Gaylord IV

Is the show Love on the Spectrum educational or exploitive?

It is difficult to say whether the show Love on the Spectrum is educational or exploitive. The show does provide some educational information about autism and Asperger's Syndrome, and it also includes interviews with experts on the subject. However, it is also possible that the show could be seen as exploitative because it focuses on the personal stories of people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome, which could be seen as exploiting their condition for entertainment value.

Are there any benefits to installing a mini split AC or heat pump for homes that have central air conditioning already installed?

There are many benefits of installing a mini split AC or heat pump for homes that have central air conditioning already installed. Some of these benefits include:

1. Increased Energy Efficiency: Mini splits are much more energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems. This is because they only need to heat or cool the specific area that they are installed in.

2. Flexibility: Mini splits offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to installation. They can be installed in a variety of locations and don’t require ductwork.

3. Increased Comfort: Mini splits provide a more comfortable environment than traditional HVAC systems. This is because they can be used to precisely control the temperature in each individual room.

4. Improved Air Quality: Mini splits improve air quality by circulating fresh air into the home and preventing stale air from recirculating.

What does "ready set go" mean?

"Ready, set, go" means "get ready, get set, and go." It's a way to count down before starting something.

Is pharmaceutical science (medicine development) or medical communications or science teaching a better career for someone born 15/03/2002 at 9:49pm (Dublin, Ireland)?

There is no simple answer to this question, as it depends on a number of factors including the person's specific interests and skills. However, in general, pharmaceutical science or medical communications may be better career choices for someone with an interest in science, while science teaching may be a better choice for someone with an interest in education.

Why are interviews at Google severely easier than they were 10 years ago? Is it because Google HR believes that there is no connection between interview score and candidate's quality or just because google wants to hire many coders?

The interviews at Google have become easier because the company has changed its focus from finding the best coders to finding coders who are a good fit for the company. This has led to a more relaxed interview process that is less focused on technical skills and more on personality.

Who is a MEAN stack full-stack developer?

A MEAN stack full-stack developer is a developer who works with the MEAN stack of technologies, which includes MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.

How do I put houses in my library in Sims 4?

There are two ways to get houses in your library. You can either buy them or find them online.

To buy houses, go to the House Shop in the main menu. Here you will find a list of available houses that you can purchase.

To find houses online, go to the Gallery. Here you can browse through user-created content and download any houses that interest you.

Has giving gifts always been a thing for Christmas?

Giving gifts is not a new Christmas tradition. The tradition of giving gifts dates back to ancient times when people would give gifts to the gods and goddesses. The early Christians also gave gifts to the poor and needy.

What are some good books while leaning speaking English?

ESL books are a great way to learn English while also improving your speaking skills. Some popular ESL books include "The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language," "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language," and "The Oxford Dictionary of English."

Is CS 61 (Systems Programming and Machine Organization) worth taking at Harvard?

There is no easy answer for this question. Every student's situation is different, and what may be worth taking for one person may not be worth taking for another person. Ultimately, the best way to determine if a course is worth taking is to speak with other students who have taken the course, your academic advisor, and the instructor of the course to get their perspectives.

Does skill win over self improvement?

There is no definite answer to this question since it depends on the individual and the situation. Some people may find that they improve more quickly by honing their skills, while others may find that they make more progress by focusing on self-improvement. Ultimately, the most important thing is to make sure that you are making progress in whichever area you feel is most important to you.

What is the Chhaupadi custom practiced in Nepal?

The Chhaupadi custom is a Nepalese tradition in which women are considered impure during menstruation and are required to sleep outside the home in a shed or hut.

I have filed 498a against my husband and in-laws, now court has summoned for bail hearing, what happens if I objects for the bail?

If you object to bail, the magistrate or judge can refuse to grant bail to the accused even if they otherwise would have been eligible for bail.

What is the meaning of the word Kumbha as in Kumbha Mela? What is the meaning of Atharva as in Atharva Veda?

The Kumbha Mela is a Hindu religious festival that celebrates the release of the sacred rivers Ganges and Yamuna from the hair of the god Shiva. The word kumbha means "pot" in Sanskrit, and refers to the pots of holy water that are symbols of the event. Atharva means "the first or oldest" in Sanskrit, and is another name for the Vedas, the ancient Hindu scriptures.

There is one thing I don't understand, how did the colonial powers manage to keep Africa free of famines, hyperinflation and wars, yet nowadays it seems impossible?

In the 1500s to 1900s up until the British industrial revolution, most Africans were living in subsistence farming. In the 1930s to 1950s during the American industrial revolution and European post-war economic boom, Africans were mostly living in colonial plantations. Since then, Africans have been steadily moving into towns and cities. At the same time African countries have become increasingly independent and have started to rely less and less on food imports.

The British and other Europeans countries were able to keep Africa free of famines, hyperinflation and wars by having a strong colonial presence in Africa. They also invested heavily in infrastructure and education, which helped to develop the continent. After independence, many African countries continued to receive aid and investment from the West, but this has gradually declined in recent years.

There are a number of reasons why Africa is now facing more problems with famines, hyperinflation and wars. These include corruption, bad governance, conflict, drought and climate change. Poor infrastructure and a lack of investment also make it difficult for African countries to develop their economies and provide for their citizens.

If a police officer knocks on my door (for whatever reason), I answer it, and in plain view he sees illegal weapons or contraband, can he arrest me?

Yes, the police officer can arrest you if he or she sees illegal weapons or contraband in plain view.

How much quantity of sand required for brick wall of 10×10sq.ft?

In order to construct a wall of dimensions 10x10sq.ft, one would require 250 bricks of standard size (PDF for Indian Standard Brick Size). The bricks should be arranged in 1:6 ratio cement mortar. The total volume of cement mortar required would be 0.30 m3. The dry volume of cement mortar is always greater than the wet volume. For calculation, let us consider 40% wastage of cement during handling. Thus, the required quantity of cement would be = 0.30 x 1.67 = 0.50 m3 or (500 Litres). Dry volume of cement mortar = 1 x 0.30 = 0.30 m3 (density of cement is 1440 kg/m3). Amount of water required = 27% x 0.30 = 0.081 m3 (ratio between water and cement is fixed as 0.27). Hence, the required quantity of sand for making 10x10sqft brick wall is = (0.081 x 35) + 0.50 = 3+50= 53 cubic meter

Is YouTube the primary video site?

YouTube is the world's most popular video site.

When someone dies without any family around, how do the police/doctors notify next of kin? How do they know who they are?

In most cases, the police or medical examiner will contact the deceased person's next of kin. They may use public records, such as birth certificates or marriage licenses, to find the contact information. In some cases, they may use DNA testing to identify the next of kin.

I am in love with a girl. She doesn't love me back. What do I do?

You can try communicating your feelings to her directly and seeing if she reciprocates, or you can try focusing on your own happiness and self-love.

How do PhD admission committees determine if an applicant has the potential to complete a doctorate?

There is no one answer to this question as each PhD admission committee determines potential for success in a doctoral program differently. Some factors that may be considered include:

-The strength of the applicant's academic record
-Letters of recommendation from faculty members or other professionals familiar with the applicant's work
-The applicant's research interests and experiences
-The applicant's statement of purpose
-The fit between the applicant's interests and the department's research strengths

As a Christian, do you ever show compassion for its own sake, without regard to Jesus’s desires for your behavior? If you weren’t Christian, would you still have that in your heart? Is that kind of compassion of lesser value?

Yes, I show compassion for its own sake without regard to Jesus's desires for my behavior. However, if I were not Christian, I might not have that in my heart. Nevertheless, compassion is still a positive trait regardless of its origins.

Mixing red, blue, green and black together will give what colour?


What’s a must-play list of top strategy & survival board games?

The following is a list of strategy & survival board games that are considered must-plays:

1. Dominion

2. Power Grid

3. Arkham Horror

4. Eldritch Horror

5. Twilight Struggle

6. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island

7. Fury of Dracula

8. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous Base Set

9. Betrayal at Baldur's Gate

10. Shadows of Brimstone: City of the Ancients

Are you looking for Margot Robbie’s bra size, measurement, age, and more?

Discover her personalized information which ranges from Margot Robbie’s bra size, weight, dimensions to even her ethnicity and total body ratio.

Before we start talking about Margot Robbie’s bra size and measurements, remember that one’s breast measurements cannot provide accurate information on pending cup sizes.

With our simple guide ahead, discover the difference. Read on:

Margot Robbie Bra Size (Simple Rule of Thumb)

As a general rule of thumb, every inch you add to your underbust or rib cage measurement will give you about a cup-size larger than your former cups.

BUT, one must keep in mind that these numbers will change from one brand to another. In other words, a marginal change in the number of breast Width for Margot Robbie can result in a substantial change in Margot Robbie’s Cup size.

How did you get over your fear of selling? What advice do have for entrepreneurs selling their product/services?

I think the best way to get over any fear is to just jump in and do it. The sooner you start, the sooner you'll get over your fear. As for advice, I would say that it's important to be prepared and to know your product or service inside and out. You should also be confident in what you're selling and believe in its value.

Why do so many therapists blame clients for not wanting to change when the client can't do what the therapist wants? They talk about how mental illness is real but then act like you could get over it if you just try hard enough at therapy.

Mental illness is a real and serious thing. However, many therapists do believe that with the right help, people can make significant improvements in their lives. So when a client isn't making progress, it can be frustrating for the therapist. It's important to remember that therapy is a collaborative process and both the therapist and client need to be invested in making it work.

Would you still go ahead and marry someone whose mother never liked your people?

It would depend on the circumstances. If the mother's dislike is based on something superficial, like skin color, then it wouldn't be a big deal. However, if the mother's dislike is based on something deeper, like religious beliefs, then it might be a more difficult decision.

Which American Horror Story season is your favorite? Do you think the latest AHS series are scary or just crude?

Why were Atlantic hurricanes given a new name to each hurricane each season?

The practice of assigning new names to storms began in 1950. Before that time, storms were given only a female name. In order to avoid confusion, the World Meteorological Organization began assigning new names to storms each season.

Has your HoH ever disciplined you in front of family/friends?

Yes. My HoH has disciplined me in front of family members and friends before.

What can a data scientist create in 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month? What problems can they tackle? What tools would they use?

In one hour, a data scientist can create a basic exploratory analysis of a dataset using some simple visualization techniques. In one day, a data scientist can create a more sophisticated exploratory analysis with more intricate visualizations, and could also begin to build predictive models. In one week, a data scientist can complete a full predictive modeling analysis, which could include feature engineering, model selection, testing, and validation. In one month, a data scientist could complete a full predictive modeling project, which could include all of the above plus deployment and maintenance.

Which is difficult, manual testing or automation testing as per learning prospective?

Manual testing may be more difficult to learn because it requires more attention to detail and a willingness to perform monotonous tasks. Automation testing may be easier to learn because it can be performed with less supervision and may require less attention to detail.

Is it unusual for a 6-year-old to have lost 7 teeth already?

Children typically lose their primary teeth between the ages of 6 and 8. So, it is not unusual for a 6-year-old to have lost 7 teeth.

Does zerodha provide stock research reports?

Zerodha does not provide stock research reports.

How was Hungary able to dominate her neighbours (Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania) during the Middle Ages?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there were many factors that contributed to Hungary's ability to dominate her neighbours during the Middle Ages. Some of the reasons that have been suggested include Hungary's strategic location in Central Europe, her strong military tradition, and her successful diplomacy. Additionally, Hungary was often able to take advantage of the internal conflicts within her neighbouring countries to increase her own power.

What are the estimated periods stated by the warriors of Mahabharata War I.e., Bhishma, Drona, Kripa, Karna, Aswaddhama and Arjuna to decimate the opposition?

The estimated periods stated by the warriors of Mahabharata War are as follows:

1. Bhishma – 10 days
2. Drona – 20 days
3. Kripa – 30 days
4. Karna – 40 days
5. Aswaddhama – 50 days
6. Arjuna – 60 days

How does Horizon keep its milk fresh in cartons without the need for refrigeration?

The milk is taken from the cow and immediately put into a sterile container. A small amount of oxygen is removed from the headspace of the container and it is sealed. This process prevents bacteria from entering the milk and causing it to spoil.

If you wanted to live out in the middle of nowhere, how would you buy the land (that presumably no one owns)?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. One option would be to find an uninhabited area on a map, research the history of the land to ensure that no one owns it, and then purchase it from the government. Another option would be to simply squat on the land and hope that no one challenges your ownership.

Should tenure be abolished for CS professors? After all, a PhD obtained in that field 20 years ago is woefully out of date.

There is no single answer to this question. While some CS professors may be woefully out of date, others may be keeping up with the latest developments in their field. It ultimately depends on the individual professor and their level of commitment to keeping up with the latest research.

What are some examples of extreme hypocrisy that the USA has done to appease oil supplying nations?

The USA has supported some extremely repressive regimes in oil-producing countries in order to ensure a stable supply of oil. For example, the USA gave military aid to Saddam Hussein in Iraq during the 1980s, even though he was using chemical weapons against his own people. The USA also supported the autocratic government of Saudi Arabia for many years, despite its human rights violations.

How does studying abroad work?

Studying abroad is a process where students study in a different country other than their own. There are many reasons why students decide to study abroad, such as to learn a new language, to experience a new culture, or to gain a new perspective on the world. The process of studying abroad can vary depending on the program and the country, but most programs will require students to apply and be accepted into the program. Once accepted, students will typically need to obtain a visa and may need to arrange for housing and transportation.

Do those who believe in the QAnon conspiracies actually root for Putin to be successful? Do their actions confirm that they despise democracy and want autocratic rule?

There is no evidence that believers in the QAnon conspiracies actually root for Vladimir Putin or any other autocrat. However, their actions may confirm that they despise democracy and want autocratic rule.

My friend Cherry always pulls down her lip and rolls her tongue over her gums. I don’t like her purple gum line, her shiny pink tongue and gums, and the purple veins under her tongue. Should I ask her to stop?

It is perfectly normal to be disgusted by someone else's oral hygiene habits, especially if they are different from your own. However, you should not confront your friend about this issue unless her gum-licking is excessively bothersome or disruptive. If you simply can't stand the sight of her gum-licking, try to avoid spending time around her when she does it.

What would happen if Theon Greyjoy got tired of living in Winterfell and killed Ned Stark from behind and ran home to the Iron Islands to escape being a hostage?

If Theon Greyjoy killed Ned Stark from behind, he would likely be killed himself or taken prisoner by the Stark forces. If he managed to escape, he would be a fugitive Wanted by the Starks. He would not be able to return to the Iron Islands without facing death or imprisonment.

Why are almost all iPad apps not designed for landscape?

One potential reason is that the iPad's home button is located on the bottom bezel in portrait orientation, but on the right bezel in landscape orientation. This means that if an app is designed for landscape orientation, the home button would be inaccessible.

How was the AIIMS biology question paper 2019?

The AIIMS biology question paper was tough this year. There were a lot of challenging questions and the level of difficulty was high.

Has anyone worked with Private Capital Alliance to help raise a small angel round?

If so, how was the experience?

I received an email from Private Capital Alliance about helping to raise an angel round but have not worked with them before.

Do you think that Rudy Giuliani & Steve Bannon are creating fake news in an effort to earn himself a pardon from Donald Trump?

I don't know if they are creating fake news, but I think it's possible they are hoping to earn a pardon from Trump.

What is the name of this effect (description and examples provided)?

This effect is called " hype ." It can be observed when people are overly excited about something and tend to exaggerate its importance or value.

Hey yall should I basically pull a lexi safely and create a “Split personality” account and give everybody the log in? It seems like it’d be fun - (Devo)?

I don't think that's a good idea.

In Shrek, what country in Europe is the kingdom of Far Far Away set in?

The kingdom of Far Far Away is set in England.

What is the difference between raw and associated values in Swift?

The difference between raw and associated values is that raw values are provided as-is, while associated values may be computed or retrieved.

In a situation where you are referring to males as "guys", how should you refer to females?

If you are referring to a group of males and females, you can refer to them as "guys". If you are referring to a group of females, you can refer to them as "girls".

What is the journalists' Twitter mentions policy?

The journalists' Twitter mentions policy is to only follow and reply to tweets from verified accounts.

Do you believe a cure for AIDS already exists?

While there is not currently a cure for AIDS, there are treatments available that can prolong a person's life.

What would happen every person on Earth became a baby instantly?

If every person on Earth became a baby instantly, it would be complete chaos. There would be no one to take care of the babies, and they would all starve to death.

Why aren't ugly-looking people treated as subhuman by the government?

Most theories about why ugly-looking people are not treated as subhuman by the government suggest that it would be too difficult to define what qualifies as ugly and that such a policy would be difficult to enforce. Additionally, it is possible that the government believes that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their physical appearance.

Where do people generally try to find happiness?

Most people try to find happiness in their personal lives, such as their relationships, work, or hobbies.

Why does America pay so much aid money to Egypt? Since it is paid to the Egyptian government to play nice with Israel, why can’t the Israelis pay the money instead of the American taxpayer?

There is no easy answer to this question. American foreign aid is a complex issue, with many factors affecting the distribution of funds. In general, however, the United States provides foreign aid to countries that it believes will further its foreign policy goals. Egypt has long been a key player in the Middle East, and its peace treaty with Israel is seen as vital to regional stability. As such, the United States provides Egypt with significant levels of aid in order to maintain that stability.

Are parents required for AIIMS counselling?

No, AIIMS doesn’t specify any requirements regarding the presence of parents during counselling. However, we would recommend that you take someone along with you who can help you make an informed decision about which course and college to choose.1 more row•Apr 23, 2020

What new resources (artistic, technologic) does rock music need in order to reinvent itself?

Some possible resources that rock music could use to reinvent itself include:
- New instruments or ways of playing existing instruments
- New production techniques or technology
- New songwriting approaches or structures
- New ways of performing or interacting with audiences
- New visuals or stage production elements

How would you create a fictional setting that is our Earth except that magic, mythical creatures, etc. have been known through history?

There would be records of magic and mythical creatures throughout history. For example, the ancient Egyptians would have records of powerful wizards and magical beasts. In the Middle Ages, people would believe in dragons and unicorns. In more recent history, people would know about Witches and Wizards.

Do sippy cups carry a lot of bacteria?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including how often the sippy cup is cleaned and how frequently it is used. However, it is generally thought that sippy cups can carry a significant amount of bacteria, particularly if they are not cleaned properly.

How does the use of chemicals in farms and fields lead to water pollution?

The use of chemicals in farms and fields typically leads to water pollution in one of two ways: through direct runoff or through leaching.

When it rains, the water washes over the ground and anything on it, picking up any harmful chemicals along the way. This is called runoff. The contaminated water then flows into streams, lakes, and other bodies of water, where it can pollute the environment and harm the plants and animals that live there.

Leaching is when chemicals in the soil seep down into groundwater. They can do this if they are not tightly bound to the soil particles or if there is a lot of water moving through the soil (like when it rains). Eventually, these chemicals make their way into streams, lakes, and other bodies of water, where they can pollute the environment and harm the plants and animals that live there.

Why does iPad Pro's retina display seem better than Redmi 3s display when the pixel density is 265 and 295 respectively? What exactly makes retina display special if not pixel density?


The retina display is a special display created by Apple that they put in all of their newer devices. A retina display has twice the number of pixels per inch than a standard display. This means that the pixels are much smaller and the images on the screen appear to be much crisper. The iPhone 4 was the first phone to have a retina display.

Based on Einstein's theory, does gravity work by interacting with light cones and essentially makes you "destined" to fall because most of your light cones are enveloped by the gravitational object?

Yes, gravity works by interacting with light cones. Most of your light cones are enveloped by the gravitational object, which makes you "destined" to fall.

How is it possible the president can dictate (and decimate) the essential actions of major federal agencies, like the EPA?

The United States Constitution does not explicitly grant the president the power to issue executive orders, but since the early 1900s, presidents have been using them to direct federal agencies. In 1952, Congress passed the Immigration and Nationality Act, which granted the president the power to "suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens" if he believes their entry is "detrimental to the interests of the United States."

What was the meaning of the final shot in The Shining?

The final shot of The Shining shows a picture of a young Jack Nicholson with his parents. This could symbolize that Jack is finally at peace with himself and his family.

How can anybody prepare again for the IES even after the failure of the 4th attempt when facing the new syllabus?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, it is important to keep in mind that the IES is a competitive exam and thus, it is important to seek help from experienced professionals in order to improve your chances of success.

Why didn't Trump get the wall passed the first two years in office when the Republicans were in control? Is there a strategy behind this or will this end up being a massive blunder and oversight on his part?

Trump did not get the wall passed the first two years in office because he did not have enough support from Republicans in Congress. Trump has said that he will continue to push for the wall, but it is unclear if he will be able to get it passed.

Why does my friend call me a chink?

There could be a few reasons why your friend might call you a chink. One possibility is that they are using the term as a slur against people of East Asian descent. Another possibility is that they think it's a term of endearment or they simply don't know any better. If you're offended by the term, you should explain to your friend why it's offensive and ask them to stop using it.

Do you add refrigerant to raise superheat?

No, refrigerant is added to raise the suction pressure.

When norepinephrine is released in the brain, does dopamine follow suit? Does dopamine get released in stressful moments, as well as adrenaline?

There is no definite answer to these questions as the release of neurotransmitters in the brain is highly complex and nuanced. It is known, however, that norepinephrine and dopamine are both involved in the brain's stress response. While it is not known for certain if dopamine is always released alongside norepinephrine during times of stress, it is likely that the two neurotransmitters work together to help the brain cope with stressful situations.

According to Lord Krishna, time kills everything. What does that mean?

Lord Krishna is saying that time is the ultimate destroyer. Everything will eventually be destroyed by time.

How do I force myself to put on a happy face and be polite to customers while on Prednisone steroids?

There is no one answer to this question, as it will vary depending on the person's individual circumstances. However, some tips that may be helpful include: making sure to get enough rest, eating healthy foods, and staying hydrated. Additionally, it may be helpful to practice deep breathing exercises or meditation to help relax the mind and body.

If you are over 40 years old, do you miss the America that you grew up in?

I am not over 40, but I miss the America that I grew up in. It was a simpler time, when people were more polite and considerate of others.

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