🔥👉 Do you know who wins in snake attack of the snake against the trident?

"✅👉 There is no clear winner in a snake attack of the snake against the trident."

Otis Marquardt II
Otis Marquardt II

What do you remember about the time you enlisted/drafted into the military?

I remember feeling very scared and anxious about enlisting in the military. I also remember feeling a great sense of pride and patriotism.

Is it ever too late to accomplish goals or even reach normal milestones relatively late in life?

Am I behind?

No, it is never too late to accomplish goals or even reach normal milestones relatively late in life. You are not behind.

How many people have died because of Trump and the Trumpism philosophy setting COVID aside?

There is no clear answer, as it is difficult to determine how many people have died because of Trump and the Trumpism philosophy setting COVID aside. However, according to a June 2020 report from Forbes, more than 130,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United States alone since Trump took office.

I am good at several things but not best at anything.What should I do to be successful?

There's no one answer that will work for everyone, but some general advice would be to focus on developing your strengths, pursuing opportunities that interest you, and networking with others in your field. There's no guarantee of success, but following these steps should help you increase your chances.

Do traditional schooling systems kill the creativity?

No, traditional schooling systems do not kill the creativity.

What are your thoughts about certain jobs not allowing tattoos?

There are a few jobs that might not allow tattoos, like healthcare jobs where you have to have a certain appearance. I can understand why some employers might not want their employees to have visible tattoos, but I don't think it should be a requirement for every job.

Is the children's book series Land of Dreams as good as a Series of Unfortunate Events? Will it soon be on Netflix too?

There is no definite answer as to whether or not the Land of Dreams series is better than A Series of Unfortunate Events. However, the former has been generally well-received by critics and readers alike. It is also possible that the Land of Dreams series could be adapted into a Netflix Original series in the future.

How is the fintech startup Afinoz addressing young India's cash crunch?

The fintech startup Afinoz is addressing young India's cash crunch by providing a mobile app that allows users to borrow money from their friends and family. The app also allows users to track their spending and budget their money.

When the rural population live in healthier air as compared to the urbans, why isn't their life expectancy higher?

Rural populations typically have lower life expectancies than urban populations. There are a number of reasons for this, including differences in access to healthcare, economic opportunity, and social support networks. Additionally, rural populations are more likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as smoking, that can shorten lifespan.

Who is the upcoming Indian prime minister, according to you?

I do not know.

Who pays for President Trump to fly to all the venues to stump for Republican candidates?

The Republican National Committee pays for the travel of President Trump to all the venues to stump for Republican candidates.

Will it be more damaging for China or for the US to break free from shared technologies?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the specific technologies involved and the extent to which each country is reliant on them. However, it is generally agreed that breaking free from shared technologies would be more damaging for China than for the US. This is because China is less technologically advanced than the US and is therefore more reliant on imported technology. Additionally, the US economy is much more diversified than the Chinese economy, meaning that it is less likely to be severely impacted by the loss of a single technology.

What Is wrong with me? It has been over 1.5 years.I want to text my TF out of the blue.No chasing energy-more of forgiveness, light and love energy.I don’t care if I ever get a response I’m fully aware and accepting that we have our own journey’s.

There is nothing wrong with you. You are simply exploring your feelings and desires. If you want to text your TF out of the blue, go for it! There is no need to chase energy - more forgiveness, light, and love will do just fine. Don't worry about getting a response - you are fully aware and accepting that we have our own journey's.

How big would an island be if it takes 6 hours to cross it by car?

The size of an island would depend on the average speed of a car.

How do you handle step children who only contact you when they want you to provide for their wife and children even after their dad has passed away for years?

If step children only contact you when they want something, it is probably best to set boundaries and establish clear expectations. Let them know that you are happy to help out occasionally, but that you expect them to be independent and responsible for their own lives. If they continue to take advantage of your generosity, you may need to limit your interactions or cut off contact entirely.

When companies like Facebook and Twitter make mobile apps (Android and iOS), do the apps simply pull from their own APIs that they made on the web?

It is possible for companies like Facebook and Twitter to make mobile apps that pull from their own APIs. However, it is also possible for them to use third-party APIs or a combination of both.

Why should we give importance to women?

Women play an important role in society. They are essential to the economic development of a country. Women are also important in the family as they take care of the children and the home.

Is there a way I can listen to my television via headphones? I have a 32-inch Samsung in my office and I do not want to wake up my light sleeping wife.

There are a few ways that you can listen to your television through headphones. One way is to purchase a wireless headphone system that is compatible with your television. Another way is to connect your television to an external audio device, such as a stereo receiver, and then connect your headphones to the audio device.

Can I get some medical peripheral CT scan questions answered? Common femoral artery narrowed to 50% but other arteries patent. Moderate right renal stenosis..left renal with mild atrophy. Tiny focal dissection in left CFA. Is this overly concerning!

The common femoral artery narrowing to 50% is not overly concerning, but the other arteries being patent is a good sign. The moderate right renal stenosis could be a cause for concern, but the left renal with mild atrophy is not as much of a concern. The tiny focal dissection in the left CFA is also not overly concerning.

What could I do with a college degree majoring in speech-communication?

A person with a college degree majoring in speech-communication could work in many different fields. They could become a teacher, a speech therapist, a coach, or a counselor. They could also work in human resources, marketing, or sales.

Why are the all the river sides highly polluted in West Mangalore?

There are several reasons for the high levels of pollution in West Mangalore. One reason is that there is a lot of industrial activity in the area. This results in the release of harmful chemicals and pollutants into the air and water. Additionally, there is a lot of traffic in West Mangalore, which creates smog and pollutes the air.

Why is it politically feasible for European countries to tax gasoline at a higher rate than the US?

There are a few reasons for this. First, Europe has a much higher population density than the US, so there is more pressure on the government to do something about air pollution. Second, the European Union has a VAT (value-added tax) system, which makes it easier to raise taxes on specific items like gasoline. Finally, many European countries have a history of high taxes on gasoline, so it is less politically controversial than it would be in the US.

What was your experience with peer-to-peer lending using a Facebook group?

I had a great experience with peer-to-peer lending using a Facebook group. I was able to get a loan at a very low interest rate and the process was very smooth. I would definitely recommend this method to anyone looking for a loan.

What types of anime do girls typically watch?

The most popular genres of anime among females are shoujo (aimed at younger girls) and josei (aimed at older women). Some popular shoujo titles include Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Ouran High School Host Club. Some popular josei titles include Honey and Clover, Nana, and Paradise Kiss.

How do you advise the government on how to promote industrial development in South Africa?

There are a number of ways in which the government can promote industrial development in South Africa. Some of these include:

1. Investing in infrastructure: Developing infrastructure is crucial for industrial development, as it provides the necessary facilities and conditions for businesses to operate effectively. The government can promote industrial development by investing in projects that improve transport, communication and energy networks.

2. Fostering an enabling business environment: The government can create an environment that is conducive to business growth and investment by implementing policies that reduce red tape and bureaucracy, and by providing support to businesses through initiatives such as tax breaks and funding.

3. Improving access to finance: Access to finance is often one of the most significant constraints on businesses, particularly small and medium enterprises. The government can help to improve access to finance by providing preferential loan terms or guarantees, and by establishing development finance institutions.

4. Investing in research and development: Research and development are important for developing new technologies and processes that can improve the competitiveness of businesses. The government can promote industrial development by investing in research programmes, and by providing incentives for businesses to invest in R&D themselves.

5. Promoting export-oriented growth: Exports are an important driver of economic growth, and the government can promote industrial development by supporting initiatives that increase exports. This might involve improving access to export markets, providing financial assistance for export-oriented businesses, or developing export promotion programmes.

I saw a detective on a TV show has her gun holstered so high that the grip of the gun line up with the bottom of her rib cage (tiny stature). Is it the right way to position a holster?

There is no right or wrong way to position a holster as long as it is comfortable and accessible for the individual. Some people prefer to have the grip of the gun sit higher up on the rib cage while others prefer to have it lower down on the hip. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to experiment with different positions until they find one that works best for them.

What is the truth behind Japan's mysterious 'Atlantis' beneath the coastal waters of the Japanese island of Yonaguni?

The truth behind Japan's mysterious 'Atlantis' beneath the coastal waters of the Japanese island of Yonaguni is that it is most likely a natural rock formation.

Why wasn't Earth filmed from the moon's surface during the Apollo missions?

The Apollo missions did not have the technology to film from the moon's surface.

What's after pre-medicine?

Pre-medicine is traditionally followed by four years of medical school, leading to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree, although some students may complete a dual MD/PhD program in six to seven years. After completing medical school, graduates begin a residency program, which takes four to seven years to complete depending on the specialty.

Is it weird that I don't like to be friends with girls? I prefer to have a protective guy bsf, but its so hard to find one w/out trynna become something more. Can anyone help?

It's not weird to prefer guy friends, but it can be difficult to find one who doesn't want something more. Try hanging out in group settings or look for guys who are already in relationships.

Should Henrikh Mkhitaryan start every game for Manchester United?

No, but he should certainly be starting more games than he has been.

If Indian forces remained as an occupying force following a win, would they also have suffered and been grounded down by guerrilla warfare as Bangladeshi people’s 8-long months of bloody resistance set the scene for India’s 2-week lightning victory?

If the Western powers were more strongly opposed to India’s intervention and supported the struggle of the Bangladeshi people, would they also have had more success?

One answer to these questions can be seen in Cambodia and Laos where the Western forces were able to “win” militarily, but where as a result of widespread guerrilla warfare and rural opposition, they eventually had to admit defeat by abandoning plans to merge them into S.Vietnamese warships and pull out after about ten years. In September 2015 it was reported that China has now overtaken another ten years to consolidate its expansionist power in these countries since the US missile bombing of Beijing during the time of President Nixon. (1)

Cambodia – ironically Hanoi’s most trusted ally – lost more than 200,000 of its 950,000 civilian population following Vietnam’s invasion before Maoist groups such as the Khmer Rouge negotiated a temporary peace with China who then allowed it to begin a violent civil war with Laos where again resistance mountains safe havens are being used for drug production for supply of narcotics back (4). There are now an estimated 1.2m war victims’ remains in mass graves which international donors have recently been helping to excavate from Phnom Penh’s famous Tuol Sleng extermination camp. Foreign investments also account for 50% of the kingdom’s economy, led by garment exports to US and EU markets (1). Although full sovereignty will not be achieved until withdrawing Vietnamese troops leaves City-State island Koh Trong in 2020 (4) his PM Hun Sen is now hailed overseas for attracting foreign investment and ambitions for indicators to rival other economically emerging countries such as Thailand (1). However until its corrupt government not backed by Vientiane commits itself fully to trial of senior leaders charged with crimes against humanity related to violent persecution of ethnic minorities then relations cannot recover between Cambodia-Laos. As somelaotians fear that denunciation has been traded near Mekong dams financed by Chinese investment when China feels free to build dams in the creation of new artificial islands in South China Sea those claims may be exaggerated 1). Only when those superpower interests are addressed will Cordilleras independence be achieved possibly after 2025 1). Even though Vientiane affords some religious organiser fleeing violence freedom of worship this has not prevented attempts by Hanoi outlawing growth since communist movement freedoms granted decades ago 2). Although Vietnam only joined ASE

What is thing that you shamingly turns you on?

There is no one thing that turns me on, but I do have a few shameful fantasies. One is being dominated by a powerful woman. Another is being intimate with someone who is married.

Is it even worth it to apply for English lecturer positions or at a community college with just a master's?

It is possible to find English lecturer positions with just a master's degree, although it may be difficult to find one at a prestigious college or university. Community colleges typically have lower standards for faculty, so it may be easier to find a position there.

How can SaaS companies build effective sales teams?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to build an effective sales team for a SaaS company depends on the specific products and services offered by the company, as well as the size and structure of the target market. However, some tips on how to build an effective sales team for a SaaS company include hiring salespeople who are knowledgeable about the software industry and the specific software products offered by the company, as well as providing training and support to help salespeople learn about the company's products and services. Additionally, it is important to create a sales culture that is focused on customer service and building long-term relationships with clients.

What does Raksha Bandhan or any other sibling-gifting occasion mean to you?

Raksha Bandhan, or any other sibling-gifting occasion, is a time to celebrate the special bond between brothers and sisters. It is a time to exchange gifts, share memories, and show appreciation for one another.

Why do my lips turn into blue/grey color when I eat salt? Both my kids' lips are the same. Salt & vinegar crisps are the worst, and the skin peels for days afterward too.

It is not uncommon. It could be a reaction to the acid in the vinegar or possibly an allergy to something in the salt and vinegar seasoning.

When the nights turned cold our dog developed a bigger appetite. While my family had larger-sized dogs from working breeds when I was a girl I did not notice their eating habits. Is this simply her body preparing for winter's cold temperatures?

TheNational Institutes of Health state that greater food intake in dogs is likely due to their internal thermostats. In the colder months, a dog's internal temperature may drop slightly and their body responds by increasing how much they eat.

Is it possible to earn from websites that rely on donations such as Wikipedia?

It is possible to earn from websites that rely on donations, but it is not common.

How does a woman diet while breastfeeding?

As with any diet, it is important to speak with a doctor or nutritionist to create a plan that will work best for both the mother and child. Generally, a mother who is breastfeeding should eat a well-balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids.

How would Deadpool be treated in the DC universe? Would be be left alone, jailed or allowed to join a team?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific interpretation of the character and the specific DC universe in question. However, it is generally accepted that Deadpool would not be welcomed in the DC universe and would either be left alone or jailed.

Should a hat only be worn when it's not worn?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference and the occasion. Some people may choose to only wear a hat when it is sunny outside, while others may opt to wear one whenever they feel like it.

What was the most mind blowing idea in The Matrix movies?

The most mind blowing idea in The Matrix movies is that the world as we know it is actually a simulated reality created by intelligent machines. This radical concept changes the way we think about reality and our place in the universe.

Why do many Republicans, especially those in the media, seem to gloat and revel when Democrats make mistakes?

One possibility is that Republicans feel that they are constantly under attack from the media, and that any time a Democrat makes a mistake, it is validation of their belief that the media is biased against them. Additionally, many Republicans may feel that they are constantly having to defend themselves against charges of racism, sexism, and homophobia, and that any time a Democrat makes a mistake, it is an opportunity to score points against their opponents.

Who is the closest to make search happen on mobile devices?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on the mobile devices in question and the specifics of the search function. However, some general tips that may be helpful include making sure the search function is easily accessible from the main menu or home screen, and using clear and concise keywords to help users find what they are looking for. Additionally, implementing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques can help improve the visibility of mobile search results.

How can we zip or unzip files and folders using Java?

We can use the java.util.zip package to zip and unzip files and folders.

I have a phobia for marriage. Earlier, I experienced some conflict in a marriage couple. Those incidents I saw still haunt me. Now I am 30. How will I overcome this fear?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as overcoming a fear of marriage will vary depending on the individual. However, some tips that may be helpful in overcoming a fear of marriage include: seeking professional help from a therapist or counselor, processing the fears and emotions associated with marriage through journaling or talk therapy, building a support system of close friends or family members, and actively working to challenge negative thoughts and beliefs about marriage. Additionally, gaining more knowledge about healthy marriages and relationships can help to reduce the fear of marriage.

Will NTSE scholarship help me get into MIT?

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a national-level scholarship program in India to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent. It is one of the most prestigious exams in India.

The NTSE scholarship is extremely competitive and will not guarantee admission into MIT. To be considered for admission into MIT, you will need to present a strong academic record, extracurricular involvement, and standardized test scores that demonstrate your readiness for the rigors of college academics.

Why are email clients like Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo Mail so far behind and inconsistant in rendering HTML emails?

Email clients are not always able to render HTML emails correctly because the email client's software does not always have the same capabilities as a web browser. This can be due to a variety of factors, including the way the email client's software is designed, the way it handles HTML code, and the way it displays images.

What kind of water level sensor is needed (finally connected to microcontroller) for a tank of 13*10*10 feet?

Ultrasonic or radar sensors would be best for a tank that large.

How do I know if I have a bad control arm?

A bad control arm can cause a vehicle to have uneven tire wear, as well as vibrations and popping sounds coming from the suspension. If left unchecked, a bad control arm can eventually cause the wheel to detach from the vehicle while driving.

My 16 year old daughter said she “just wants to be alone” and she keeps saying she wishes she has a door. What do I do? I am not giving her a door.

" Just give her some space."

Why doesn't Donald Trump use any big words?

Donald Trump does not use big words because he is not a very smart person.

How many FBI agents die a year?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the FBI does not release this information to the public.

What's the oldest age at which someone could develop a personality disorder? I'm talking about actually getting the disorder, not just being diagnosed.

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people develop differently and at different speeds. However, it is generally agreed that personality disorders can develop during adolescence or early adulthood.

When designing a game, what is your preferred way of designing the game before you start coding?

There is no one right answer to this question. Some developers prefer to design the game entirely on paper before they start coding, while others prefer to start coding immediately and design the game as they go.

How do you build a rare skillset as a biologist?

There is no one formula for building a rare skillset as a biologist, but some key elements include studying a wide range of topics, actively seeking out opportunities to learn new skills, and networking with professionals in the field. Additionally, it is important to be proactive in applying these skills in order to demonstrate their value to potential employers or clients.

My son has done civil engineering in 2016 and want to pursue for higher studies in Australia or Singapore is this gap accept able?

It depends upon the vary university to which you are applying . Every university have different criteria for accepting students with a gap year.

Why can’t Ghislaine Maxwell appeal against Judge Nathans decision not to allow a retrial due to the conduct of a juror who failed to answer truthfully the survey questions?

Ghislaine Maxwell cannot appeal against Judge Nathans decision not to allow a retrial because the juror who failed to answer truthfully the survey questions is protected by double jeopardy.

Winemaking: What are some alternatives to vertical shoot positioning?

Some alternatives to vertical shoot positioning are horizontal shoot positioning, candelabra-style pruning, and cordon pruning.

Would a vertical stabilizer that extends both above and below the centerline be a benefit or hindrance?

A vertical stabilizer that extends both above and below the centerline would be a benefit. This would provide more stability to the aircraft and make it easier to control.

What is/was the smartest strategy in any war?

It is difficult to say what the smartest strategy in any war is because it depends on the circumstances of each individual conflict. However, some military strategists believe that the element of surprise can be key to achieving victory. This may involve using new and innovative tactics to catch the enemy off guard, or using deception to make them believe that an attack is coming from a different direction. Whatever the specific strategy may be, it is important for military commanders to constantly adapt their plans to the ever-changing situation on the ground.

Why don't Olympic swimmers wear full suits?

The polyurethane suits that were once worn by Olympic swimmers were found to provide an unfair advantage. The suits were banned in 2010, and now Olympic swimmers must wear suits that cover the body from the ankles to the neck, but leave the shoulders and arms exposed.

How do I kick one person out of a friend group without alienating those who support them?

If you want to kick someone out of a friend group without alienating the others, you will need to be very careful about how you go about it. Talk to the person privately and explain why you think it would be best for them to leave. Be respectful and avoid making personal attacks. If the person refuses to leave, you may need to talk to the other members of the group about your decision.

Do store managers really appreciate positive feedback on their employees?

The majority of store managers appreciate positive feedback on their employees. This feedback can help the manager identify which employees are going above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. In some cases, the manager may even use this feedback to reward the employee with a bonus or gift card.

If I get a female to sign an agreement that gives me consent to her body, will that hold up in court if she tries to accuse me of a sexual crime?

No, the agreement would not be valid.

I received a dress from a popular brand. I can't find it on their website, even with an image search. How can I find it online?

If you can't find it on the brand's website, it's possible that it has been discontinued. Try searching for the dress on a retail website like Amazon or eBay. If you still can't find it, try contacting the brand directly to ask if they can tell you where to find the dress online.

Can I get the link of the song "don`t let the sun go down" form the saaho chapter 2 making video?

The song is not available for purchase or streaming at this time. It may be released at a later date.

In foreign countries (especially Asia), why do merchants only ask for new, clean US$ bank notes?

In many Asian countries, it is believed that new banknotes have more value than old banknotes. This is because new banknotes are seen as being more likely to contain " Yang energy", while old banknotes are seen as being more likely to contain "Yin energy". Yin energy is associated with death, while Yang energy is associated with life. Therefore, merchants in these countries often prefer to receive new banknotes instead of old banknotes.

Both the happiness levels of Americans and national pride are at record lows. Should Trump take any responsibility for that?

Donald Trump may not be solely responsible for the record low levels of happiness and national pride in the United States, but he may contribute to these feelings. Americans may be unhappy with the current state of the country and how it is being managed. They may also feel that their national pride has been damaged by Trump's negative rhetoric about America.

Why does a cyclist bend inward while taking a turn?

A cyclist bends inward while taking a turn in order to balance themselves and stay upright on the bike. By leaning into the turn, they are able to keep the bike from tipping over and falling.

Is it legal for law enforcement to offer to cut someone a deal on the condition that they don't request a lawyer?

Yes. This is called a plea bargain and is perfectly legal.

Can I taste test protein somehow before buying?

There is no sure way to taste test protein before buying it. However, you can look for online reviews or ask friends who have tried various types of protein for their opinions.

What Disney scenes from years past would be considered to be inappropriate today?

A lot of the old Disney cartoons would be considered inappropriate today because of the stereotypes they depict. For example, in "The Three Little Pigs," the wolf is dressed as a Jewish stereotypes and in "Aladdin," there is a scene where Jasmine is seen topless.

Why isn't Sony producing many 8K Bravia TV especially OLED this year compared to Samsung or LG?

There is no standard for 8K content yet, so there is not much point in Sony producing a lot of 8K TVs. Once a standard is established and there is more 8K content available, Sony will likely increase production.

If there are dominant and recessive genes, how can a white/black pair of parents can never have a black/white baby?

If there are dominant and recessive genes, a white/black pair of parents can never have a black/white baby.

How do I prevent my face to turn red when nervous?

There is no sure way to prevent your face from turning red when you get nervous. However, there are things that you can do to help lessen the chances of it happening. For example, try to relax and take slow, deep breaths before the event or situation that is making you nervous. Also, try to think positive thoughts and remind yourself that there is nothing to be nervous about. Additionally, avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol before the event, as these can both make your face flush. Finally, if you know that you tend to blush easily, you could try wearing makeup that contains a green tint, as this can help to cancel out the redness.

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