🔥👉 How do I compare two sheets from two different Excel files and write the mismatched status (Pass/Fail) in the last cell of the rows?

"✅👉 0 I have the two files Prod with Attribute1, Attribute2 and Stg with Attribute1, Attribute2. Now In Column (L) on both of the sheets, I need to find the match and write status "Pass" in case match is found
or else write Failure if there is no match. If match is not perfect then i need to write failure status.
The third file will be the final output file where results from both prod and stg will be copied and pasted along with the status
what are some possible methods that can accomplish this?


Paste data from one sheet into your final sheet and create a column for status.
In sheet1 put value 1 in first row(cell a:a):
With Selection
End With
ActiveCell = 1 'your number of valuable column (which has values) throuth all sheets
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("a1:C"ManSheetname(k)) , Type:=xlFillDefault 'basing on counting sheets very raw way... # to replace your estimation method FILL WITH VALUES.. Or based on loop through excel sheets (put your estimating mask here...) :O)

Range("a11:c"ManSheetname(k)).Select '[jellow]()' set cell selection flow depending of selected range in previous one... !! Or changes after runforeach logic method below .... o-o)

For Each cell Inselection.Cells 'status pass/fail calculations law logic (finding matches etc()) X-X) put it here.... or get previous Set Da$TaShetna$eLo!/3Xo = Da$ Tarf*QryDA + ....R . . . . . . . . . .

If cell = DataSetFromTab2 then ' depending from data cycle analysis according to conditions ...

activity = " PASS " 'result for PASS condition

elseif cell < DataSetFromTab2

activity = " FAIL " 'result for FAIL condition # you can add more conditions... If cells relationship is not linear on 1 < 2/3[...]8 &"

Braeden Schamberger
Braeden Schamberger

How can we stem away from such importance on winning, and more focus on growth?

There are a few ways to shift the focus away from winning and onto growth. One way is to set goals that are focused on personal improvement rather than on winning or losing. Another way is to praise effort and improvement rather than outcomes. Finally, coaches and leaders can model a growth mindset by talking about their own mistakes and setbacks as learning opportunities.

Is there a wiki that covers teaching English as a foreign language, for example with information on important grammar terms for teachers?

There is not currently a comprehensive wiki for teaching English as a foreign language. However, there are many resources that might be helpful for teachers, including grammar terms. Try looking for specific resources on websites like Teaching English - British Council or The Guardian.

Can a biotech student do a master's in regulatory affairs in the USA?

Yes, a biotech student can do a master's in regulatory affairs in the USA.

How can developers track the number of users who view, but do not purchase, an app in the App Store?

This information is not available through the App Store.

What's it like to be a legacy student at USC?

It can be both a positive and negative experience. On the one hand, it is easier to get into USC if your parents or grandparents went there. On the other hand, people may expect more of you and there is pressure to live up to the USC name.

What are some cheap alternatives to traditional moving services?

The cheapest alternative to traditional moving services is to do it yourself. This option is free if you have friends or family who can help you, or if you are able to rent a truck.

What will be a man's reasons of refusing to talk her girlfriend to his house or to know his family details?

There could be a number of reasons why a man would refuse to bring his girlfriend around his family or tell her details about them. He could be embarrassed by his family, think they would judge her, or he could be trying to hide something from her.

How do I identify whether the provision is a sub-section or a clause?

A sub-section is a section of a larger section, while a clause is a section of a larger sentence.

How much do NFL players get fined for missing practice?

In the NFL, players can be fined for a variety of reasons, including skipping practice. The amount of the fine depends on the player's contract and the team's rules.

Why do bush babies come around residential homes when they are supposed to be in the bush?

Bush babies are nocturnal and they come out to search for food at night. They are attracted to lights and movement, so they may come around residential homes because there is more activity and light in these areas.

Do narcissists in a rage truly have no control?

While narcissists may seem to be in a rage with no control, they are often still in control of the situation and their own emotions. Narcissists may use their anger to manipulate or control others, and they may be very aware of how their anger affects those around them.

Which actor has greatly reformed themselves after a period of decline?

Robert Downey Jr.

I sold shares in intraday, but did not square off at the end of the day. Now it shows as security holding. I am trading in Angel Broking. How do I exit from security holding?

1. If you traded online, then simply placing an opposite trade should suffice.
2. If you traded offline, then you need to go to your broker and ask him to square it off for you.

Can anyone help me find the perfekt "protest song- Playlist" on Spotify? Something like "knock knock knocking on heavens door" or "imagine". I'll love to play this for myself in the darkest hours and precious moments.

There is no one perfect playlist, as different people will have different opinions on what constitutes a good protest song. However, there are many existing Spotify playlists that focus on this topic. A few examples include "Songs of Protest" and "Resistance Songs." You can also try searching for specific artists or songs that you know are associated with the protest movement, as Spotify will likely have several playlists that feature them.

How much time it takes to write a PhD thesis if someone already has many good publications during his PhD?

If someone already has many publications during their PhD, it may take less time to write the actual thesis. However, the amount of time it takes to write a PhD thesis can vary greatly depending on the individual and the topic.

What is the smallest size ever reached by France as a country or a kingdom in its history?

The smallest recorded size of France is from 1259-1286 during the reign of King Philip III. France's land area was only 1.4 million square kilometers.

Is it true that when you are a marine they pin your ranks on and instead of putting on the frogs somebody shoves them into your skin hard? Some kid told me this.

I've never heard of anything like that happening.

Can I date my cousin on my mom side sister from their dad side?

In most states, you can date your cousin on your mom's side sister from their dad's side.

What are some methods of learning IT basics enough to recruit for tech roles, without being a 'techie'?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best method of learning IT basics will vary depending on the individual's level of prior knowledge and experience. However, some suggested methods of learning IT basics for those who are new to the field may include attending informational meetings or seminars, reading books or articles on the subject, or taking an introductory course at a local college or university. Additionally, many IT basics can be learned through self-study by using online resources such as tutorials or How-To guides.

How should I study in 5 months to get a double digit rank in GATE 2018?

First of all, GATE is not a test of how much you have studied but it tests your understanding of the basic concepts. So, the best way to study for GATE is to first understand the basic concepts and then solve as many practice problems as possible.

You can use the following resources to prepare for GATE:

1. GATE Online Preparation Course by Engineers Academy: This course covers the entire syllabus of GATE and provides several practice questions for each topic.

2. GATE Maths by R. K. Kanodia: This book is a must-read for all GATE aspirants as it covers all the important topics of Mathematics.

3. GATE Made Easy Engineering Mathematics: This book contains a large number of solved and unsolved problems which will help you in understanding the application of Mathematics in various engineering problems.

4. GATE Acing Tips by Ashish Dixit: This book contains tips and tricks to solve GATE problems quickly and efficiently.

5. How to Ace the GATE Exam? by Mohit Joshi: This book contains strategies to crack the GATE exam with ease.

Do only believers hear the "shout" of the Lord?

The Bible does not specifically state who will hear the "shout" of the Lord, but it seems reasonable to believe that it will be those who have faith in him.

Is there something a bit fishy about the town of Lismore in Northern NSW, Australia?

There might be something fishy about the town of Lismore in Northern NSW, Australia, but we're not sure what it is.

Does eating slowly result in you to eating less each meal?

Yes, eating more slowly can result in eating less. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to receive signals from the stomach that it is full, so if you eat quickly, you may not realize you are full until after you have overeaten.

When one gains a lot of weight due to poor diet is a significant percentage of that muscle? In my case I gained 70+ lbs and I think a bit over a third of it was muscle.

The amount of muscle you gain from poor diet depends on how active you are and what type of poor diet you have. If you eat junk food all day but are very active, you may not gain much fat at all. If you have a sedentary lifestyle and eat fast food all day, you will most likely gain a lot of fat.

How legitimate is it for someone to doubt the Covid-19 vaccines by saying they aren't very effective because the first doses only last 3-12 months - or is this a common statement by someone who doesn't understand how vaccines work?

There is no scientific basis for this claim. Vaccines are designed to be effective for many years.

Are there people out there who actually think that Trump might win?

There are people who think that there is a possibility Trump might win, but the odds are still against him.

What fonts are in style today?

Some popular fonts today are Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Verdana, and Calibri.

Two test tubes are filled with hydrogen and oxygen respectively. What happens when we bring a burning candle near the mouth of the test tubes?

The hydrogen will ignite and the flame will travel down into the oxygen test tube.

Is 5 feet tall too short for a heavyweight boxer?

Boxing weight classes are not determined by height. Boxers are instead placed in classes according to their weight. The heavyweight division is reserved for boxers who weigh more than 175 pounds. There is no minimum height requirement for heavyweight boxers.

Republican lawmakers in the US state that a tax cut results in economic stimulus but could infrastructure investment be a better economic stimulus?

It is difficult to compare the two stimulus options in a straightforward way, as they would each likely have different economic impacts. Tax cuts could stimulate economic activity by freeing up money for consumers and businesses to spend, while infrastructure investment could create jobs and spur economic activity through the construction and maintenance of new and improved infrastructure.

What wise action (or inaction) can save you years of problems and regret?

Inaction can save you years of problems and regret.

What are the terms and conditions for a marginal standing facility?


The terms and conditions for a marginal standing facility are as follows:

1. The facility is available to banks on a overnight basis.

2. Banks can use the facility to meet their daily mismatches in the Assets and Liabilities Management System (ALMS).

3. The interest rate on the facility is 0.25% higher than the repo rate.

4. The facility is to be used only in exceptional circumstances and not as a routine funding source.

What would be the result if a person had to move every six months for years, and took martial arts lessons, but switched styles each time due to a lack of control over the availability of particular styles?

The person would become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

What's the difference between internal recruitment vs. external recruitment?

Internal recruitment is when a company fills a position with someone who is already employed by the company. External recruitment is when a company fills a position with someone who is not already employed by the company.

How do world leaders stay fit?

There is no one answer to this question as different world leaders have different fitness routines. However, some common methods that world leaders use to stay fit include exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep.

Can Biden's oratorical skills be deemed to be one of the best among the US presidents?

It is hard to say definitively whether Biden's oratorical skills are the best among US presidents. However, he is definitely considered to be a skilled speaker, and his speeches often receive positive reviews.

How do you accept your life? I am a girl living in Saudi Arabia, which is hell for women. I try to have meaning and hope for life, but I feel miserable and trapped all the time.

I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your life in Saudi Arabia. it is difficult to find hope and meaning when you feel miserable and trapped all the time. One way to try to find acceptance is to focus on the things that you can control and change. For example, you can control how you react to the situation and how you treat other people. You can also try to find ways to enjoy your life despite the restrictions placed on you. Perhaps you can read, write, or do other things that make you feel good. It is also important to remember that your situation is not permanent and that things can change in the future.

Will Taiwanese Hokkien accented Mandarin (like how most Taiwanese elders speak) ever disappear from Taiwan?

It seems unlikely that Taiwanese Hokkien accented Mandarin will ever disappear from Taiwan, as it is such a deeply entrenched part of the culture. Even younger generations, who may not be as proficient in the language, still have a strong understanding of it and are able to use it when necessary.

Is it normal for every pair of earbuds I’ve ever owned to get shorted within a few weeks?

There could be a few reasons why this is happening. It is possible that you are not cleaning or storing your earbuds properly, which could lead to damage. It is also possible that the earbuds you are buying are of poor quality and are not designed to last long. If you want to prevent this from happening, you should consider investing in a good pair of earbuds that are designed for durability.

What are the tax and reporting implications of selling a small vacation property in PA for $47,000.00 and live in NY? Am I subject to being taxed on that sale? Can I gift someone the 47,000.00? Thank you for the insight!

In order to avoid paying taxes on the sale of your vacation property, you would need to gift the property to someone. When gifting property, you are typically not subject to any tax implications. However, it is always best to consult with a tax professional to be sure.

What kind of technological products don't loose value or don't wear off easily?

Some technological products that don't loose value or don't wear off easily are cell phones, laptops, and tablets.

What ways did Operation Breaking Dawn get by the media wrong?

-The media portrayed Operation Breaking Dawn as a well-coordinated military operation when in reality it was anything but.

-The media also failed to mention the fact that the entire operation was planned and executed by a man who had no military training or experience.

What is your review of Paterson (2016 movie)?


Paterson is a 2016 film directed by Jim Jarmusch and starring Adam Driver. The film follows a week in the life of Paterson (Driver), a bus driver and aspiring poet in Paterson, New Jersey. The film is a quiet, meditative portrait of blue-collar life and the creative process, and features strong performances from Driver and co-star Golshifteh Farahi. The film's leisurely pace may not be to everyone's taste, but for fans of Jarmusch's work, Paterson is a thoughtful and rewarding experience.

Can you use a flat iron on wet hair and still have defined curls/waves? If so, how long should you hold the tool in place for maximum results?

Yes, you can use a flat iron on wet hair and still have defined curls/waves. You should hold the tool in place for about 10 seconds for maximum results.

How do I make my Christmas tree fill my house with a pine smell?

You can purchase a Christmas tree air freshener, which will help to spread the scent of pine throughout your home. You could also try boiling water on the stovetop with a few drops of pine essential oil added to it. Place the pot of water near your Christmas tree and the scent should start to fill the room.

What's the most number of fingers someone has been born with attached to their face?

There are no documented cases of anyone being born with fingers attached to their face.

Which state UT has no Ramsar site yet?

The state of UT has no Ramsar site yet.

When is a good age for a child to start venturing out on their own? Like to the store, mall, etc?

There is no definitive answer to this question as every child develops differently and at their own pace. However, many experts suggest that children should be allowed to start venturing out on their own once they reach the age of 10 or 12. This allows them to gain independence and confidence, while also giving them the opportunity to practice making responsible decisions.

Why are the general side effects of medications stronger in men than women?

Some research suggests that men may be more sensitive to the side effects of medications than women, but the evidence is inconclusive. Some possible explanations include differences in hormones, body composition, and metabolism.

Should Congress focus on serving the health and welfare of the American people and not on political bickering?

There is no easy answer to this question. Ideally, Congress should focus on serving the health and welfare of the American people. However, in reality, Congress often becomes bogged down in political bickering, which can delay or prevent important legislation from being passed.

If you had the chance to eat 1 junk food as much as you want without getting sick or making you feel sluggish what snack would you eat?

ice cream

If you cannot articulate the "r" sound, does it mean your vocal cords may have been damaged during an adenoids removal procedure?

If you cannot articulate the "r" sound, it does not necessarily mean your vocal cords have been damaged during an adenoids removal procedure.

Is corn burnt on coal or corn boiled good?

There is no right answer to this question because it depends on personal preference. Some people might prefer corn that is burnt on coal because it has a smoky flavor, while others might prefer corn that is boiled because it is more tender.

How would you survive your first 5 years if everyone on Earth disappeared?

If everyone on Earth disappeared, I would survive my first 5 years by growing my own food, stockpiling supplies, and learning to live off the land.

Does evolution stop once a species has become a species?

Evolution does not stop once a species has become a species.

Do tires on a modern electric car wear down much slower than in a car with a traditional internal combustion engine?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including driving habits and terrain. In general, however, electric car tires should last longer than those on a car with a traditional internal combustion engine, since there is less friction and heat generated by the electric motor.

How was slavery really?

No one can truly know how slavery was, because it varied so much depending on time, place, and individual circumstances. However, we do know that it was incredibly brutal and dehumanizing. Slaves were considered property, and as such they were often treated very poorly. They were typically given the most difficult and dangerous jobs, and were often mistreated, abused, and neglected. Many slaves also experienced the trauma of being separated from their families.

How can maharathi fight around 700,000 warriors?

Maharathi can fight around 700,000 warriors by using his or her army to create a large force that can overwhelm the enemy.

What are some naughty facts about Sunny Leone?

Sunny Leone is an Indian-born Canadian actress and model, currently active in Indian film industry. She has appeared in over fifty mainstream Hindi-language films. Leone has also worked in Punjabi, Bengali and Tamil language films.

1. Leone was born in Sarnia, Ontario to Sikh Punjabi parents.

2. As a teenager, she started working as a martial arts instructor.

3. Leone began her career in the adult entertainment industry in 2001, working as a porn star.

4. In 2007, she was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.

5. In 2012, she made her Bollywood debut in Pooja Bhatt's erotic thriller Jism 2. The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over ₹1 billion (US$15 million) worldwide.

6. Her next film Jackpot (2013) was also a box office success.

7. In 2014, she appeared inrational drama Ragini MMS 2 which was another box office hit.

8. She has since appeared in several commercially successful Hindi films such as Ek Paheli Leela (2015), Kuch Kuch Locha Hai (2015), One Night Stand (2016), Beiimaan Love (2016) and Tera Intezaar (2017).

As an introvert, how do you survive breaks in school and team activities?

For me, surviving breaks in school and team activities generally means taking some time for myself to recharge. This might mean spending some time alone reading or doing another activity that I enjoy. Additionally, during breaks I try to connect with a few close friends so that I don't feel completely isolated.

Can I be lonely even though I have plenty of friends?

Yes. Having friends does not necessarily mean you will never feel lonely. It is possible to feel lonely even when surrounded by people.

How did the United States become so prosperous and clean?

The United States became so prosperous and clean largely due to the efforts of the government to invest in infrastructure and to regulate industry. For example, the construction of the transcontinental railroad helped to spur economic growth, while the enactment of laws like the Pure Food and Drug Act helped to protect consumers.

What did you miss following on "The Boys"?

While "The Boys" is certainly action-packed, the show also offers a lot of insight into the corruption and greed that drives superhero culture. With that said, one of the things you may have missed following the show is the extent to which corporate America has infiltrated and corrupted the superhero industry. For example, in one episode, it is revealed that a major corporation has been selling illegal weapons to superheroes. In another episode, it is revealed that a superhero team is being blackmailed by a corporation.

Does the Witch Bolt spell end when you take an action granted by the Haste spell in D&D 5E?


How payment aggregators add money (collected by aggregators on behalf of merchants) to the merchant's bank account by the end of the day. Say for example paypal, square, Taxi startups - Any idea?


Generally they just make a bank transfer to the account that the merchant has specified.

How are we pulled by gravity towards Earth as we don't have any magnetic body or such thing that attracts Earth?

We are pulled towards Earth because it has mass. The more mass something has, the more it can exert a gravitational force. Earth has more mass than we do, so its gravitational force is stronger than ours.

Why is ‘phasing down’ coal a realistic and optimistic objective?

The Paris Agreement includes the goal of phasing out coal as an energy source by 2030. This is a realistic and optimistic objective because it is consistent with the trend towards renewable energy sources, and because it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

What does CBD oil do in your body/brain?

CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, which includes receptors in the brain, nervous system, and immune system. CBD oil may help to reduce inflammation, balance out neurotransmitters, and promote homeostasis within the body.

What would have to be discovered to confirm President Trump’s claims of the extent of election fraud?

To confirm President Trump's claims of the extent of election fraud, concrete evidence of widespread voter fraud would need to be found. This could include things like voter registration records indicating that people who voted were not actually eligible to vote, or polls showing that an unusually high number of people who voted were not actually registered to vote.

How do I become an indie kid aesthetic?

There is no one way to become an indie kid aesthetic. However, some things that may help include wearing vintage and thrifted clothing, listening to indie music, and hanging out in alternative venues such as coffee shops and record stores.

What type of food did they eat on the Star Trek Enterprise?

The food on the Enterprise was typically human food from Earth.

How does one know which instrument suits him best?

The best way to know which instrument suits you best is by taking lessons and trying out different instruments.

Are libertarians just as radical as communists?

No, they are not.

Should kids be taught about topics like Cognitive Dissonance and Dunning-Kruger effect? How to manage it?

There is no easy answer for this question. It ultimately depends on the opinion of the parents or guardians. Some people may feel that it is important for kids to be taught about topics like Cognitive Dissonance and Dunning-Kruger effect so that they can learn how to manage it. Others may feel that it is not necessary for kids to learn about these topics and that they will eventually figure it out on their own. Ultimately, the decision should be left up to the parents or guardians.

How should ENTPs deal with their emotions?

ENTPs tend to be logical and analytical, so they may not be in touch with their emotions. They may need to learn to recognize and understand their emotions in order to deal with them effectively.

My father wants me to be financially independent, but the other day he whispered in my ear that I don’t have to worry about money and that I should come back home. What does this mean?

This likely means that your father wants you to be independent, but is also worried about your current financial situation. He may be worried that you are not making enough money to support yourself or that you are struggling to make ends meet. It is possible that he is offering to help you financially, but it is also possible that he is simply expressing his concern and wanting you to know that he is there for you if you need help. Either way, it is clear that your father cares about you and wants you to succeed.

Ben brought 4 pairs of jeans and a T-shirt that cost $8. He had a coupon for $3 off the price of each pair of jeans and spent a total of $92 before tax. What was the price of each pair of jeans?


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