🔥👉 If we did invent FTL and meet other intelligent species, how would ‘territory’ work in space?

"✅👉 There is no one answer to this question as it would depend on the specific circumstances of each situation. Generally speaking, however, if two intelligent species meet in space, they would likely have to negotiate some sort of agreement in order to avoid conflict. This could involve anything from establishing borders to setting up trade routes."

Cynthia Padberg
Cynthia Padberg

What is something you had to teach to a child recently?

How to use a fork and knife

Why don’t companies fine other materials to use other then plastics for packaging is just because of profits?

There are a few reasons for this. First, plastics are relatively inexpensive to produce. Second, they are durable and lightweight, making them easy to transport. Third, they can be easily molded into different shapes, which is ideal for packaging. Finally, plastics are non-reactive, meaning they won't spoil or contaminate food products.

The sum of the digits of a certain whole number is 7, what is the least possible value for the sum of the digits of the number which is 300 more than the original number? A. 1 B. 8 C. 10 D. 307

The least possible value for the sum of the digits of the number which is 300 more than the original number is 10.

I feel like I'm not destined to marry him. We are like from different World Culture, behaviour, living style quite different from eachother. But still why do I love him? Do I waste my time loving him?

There is no such thing as a "destined" person to marry. Love is something that takes work and understanding from both partners. If you feel like you are unable to make your relationship work, then it might be time to consider whether or not this is the right person for you.

What is the exact relationship between the black hole interior and exterior?

There is no relationship between the black hole interior and exterior.

What circumstances make a car have to use thicker oil?

A car would have to use thicker oil if the climate is cold, if the car is driven in stop-and-go traffic, or if the car is carrying a heavy load.

Until the late 19th century, what did surgeons and other learned men believe caused infection following surgery?

surgeons and other learned men believed that infection following surgery was caused by foul fumes emanating from the body

Why do cats have this amazing ability to just not care?

That is one of the things that makes cats so unique and special. They have the ability to just not care about things that might bother other animals or people. It is this indifference that can be both intriguing and frustrating to those who try to understand them.

When the user enters the account name, should the corresponding record be displayed and vice-versa as a Python programme in Python file handling?

Yes, the corresponding record should be displayed when the user enters the account name.

Why do some songs make us feel sad when we aren’t actually sad?

Some song lyrics can be very relatable to our own personal experiences, which can trigger emotions of sadness. Additionally, the melody of a sad song can also be emotionally stirring.

What is a reasonable cutoff age in realistically applying for a tenure-track assistant professor position? Discrimination against age is illegal but someone above a certain age may seem risky for such a entry level position despite a stellar record.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as each hiring institution will have their own preferences. In general, however, applicants who are more than 10-15 years past their terminal degree (e.g. PhD) may start to have difficulty being competitive for tenure-track positions. This is not to say that older applicants cannot be successful in securing these types of positions, but they may need to overcome some stereotypes and assumptions during the hiring process.

How can I find adult groups in Telegram?

To find adult groups in Telegram, search for "adult" using the search function in the app. This will bring up a list of all the public adult groups that are available.

Can you sweat out body odor until it is minimized?

You can sweat out body odor until it is minimized, however, it may not completely go away.

Why are people so quick to mock Christianity? I am Native-American and everyone hates Christianity for the evils the church has committed against our people. But shouldn't the beauty and power of the truth prevail?

There could be many reasons why people mock Christianity. Some might do it because they have been hurt by the church in the past or because they don't understand it. Others might do it because they are looking for a way to justify their own beliefs.

Do you think we need one more masterstroke by the Modiji government, another demonetization to collect blocked money and distribution to the needy to improve GDP for economy growth?

There is no simple answer to this question. However, it is important to note that the Modi government has taken several steps to demonetize the economy and improve GDP growth.

Are our quote prints strong enough to stand on their own, yet for typography, inspirational messages and as a means of showing gratitude?

Yes! All of our quote prints are made with high quality inks and papers that will make the print last a lifetime. The prints are also great for framing and displaying as wall art.

Where was the Po Boy sandwich invented?

The Po Boy sandwich was invented in New Orleans, Louisiana.

What are the legal benefits of marriage?

The legal benefits of marriage include tax breaks, spousal social security benefits, and medical insurance benefits. Additionally, married couples can file joint tax returns, which may result in a lower tax bill.

Because no system can ever be "perfect" by definition, what is one adjustment (major/minor) you would make to the prison system in the U.S.?

I would adjust the prison system in the U.S. to make rehabilitation a priority.

Why does Taiwan dominate the Little League World Series but send so few players to Major League Baseball?

Little League baseball is played with a smaller diamond and a smaller field, which gives an advantage to Taiwanese teams, who are used to playing on smaller fields. In addition, the pitching distances in the Little League World Series are shorter than in Major League Baseball, which also favors Taiwanese teams.

Can lightning reach land? Is it due to the gravitational force?

Yes, lightning can reach land. It is not due to the gravitational force.

What is the name of the active form of vitamin D?

The active form of vitamin D is known as calcitriol.

India: is your state important to you or nation as a whole important to you and why?

The state is important to me because it is a reflection of the nation as a whole. The state represents the values and beliefs of the people who live there, and it is a microcosm of the larger society. It is important to have a strong sense of identity and belonging to a state, and to be proud of its accomplishments.

Does the military during warfare attempt to assassinate other visiting leaders who are supporting the opposing side?

There is no definitive answer to this question since military tactics vary between different countries and situations. It is possible that military leaders during warfare may try to assassinate other leaders who are supporting the opposing side, but it is also possible that they may not attempt to do so.

Is digging up methane from earth harmful?

Digging up methane from Earth is not harmful.

How do cigarettes sold in diffrenet countries vary from each other in the following categories - tar content, tobacco quality, taste, filtering method & harmfulness?

There is no one answer to this question as different countries have different regulations on cigarette production. However, in general, cigarettes sold in different countries vary in tar content, tobacco quality, taste, filtering method, and harmfulness. Tar content and tobacco quality can vary depending on the manufacturing process and the type of tobacco used. Cigarettes with higher tar content tend to be more harmful, while those with less tar may be less harmful. The taste of cigarettes also varies depending on the type of tobacco used and the additives present. Some cigarettes are filtered more than others, which can also affect their taste and harmfulness.

Can human facial features stop growing before the person reaches full height?

Yes, human facial features can stop growing before the person reaches full height.

What is your political stance or belief as an INTP?

As an INTP, I am likely to be politically independent, with a preference for logical and data-driven approaches to decision making. I may lean towards skepticism or even cynicism when it comes to the motivations of those in positions of power.

Does being a paramedic/emergency response worker make you lose faith in religion seeing so many young people hurt or killed?

No, it does not make me lose faith in religion.

Are political conservative readers more likely to support Stannis Baratheon in ASOIAF?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the individual reader's political views. However, it is worth noting that Stannis is generally considered to be a more honorable and upstanding character than many of the other lords in Westeros, so it is possible that conservative readers might see him as a more favorable option.

Is it immoral that Jeff Bezos is earning billions while many people are on food stamps or is it just "as it is" and we must accept it?

There is no simple answer to this question. While some people may argue that it is immoral for Jeff Bezos to earn billions of dollars while many people are on food stamps, others may say that it is simply "as it is" and we must accept it. Ultimately, whether or not you believe that Bezos' earnings are immoral depends on your own personal beliefs and values.

What faculty should I choose if I don't know math?

Since you don't know math, you should choose a faculty that doesn't require math.

What sort of things are non-restorable within Office 365 that AvePoint can restore?

The AvePoint Online Services Recovery solution can help you restore most objects within your Office 365 environment, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams data. However, there are a few exceptions, such as the following:

• User objects (e.g., security groups, mailboxes, OneDrive for Business sites) cannot be restored using AvePoint Online Services Recovery. You will need to create these objects manually.

• Active Directory objects (e.g., users, groups, contacts) cannot be restored using AvePoint Online Services Recovery. You will need to create these objects manually.

• Yammer data cannot be restored using AvePoint Online Services Recovery.

In what sense can one argue that Nazism (National Socialism) and Communism were anti-Western counter-ideologies?

In what sense can one argue that Nazism (National Socialism) and Communism were anti-Western counter-ideologies?

Both Nazism and Communism were worldviews that were explicitly opposed to the values of the Western world. Both ideologies emphasized the need for a complete overhaul of society in order to create a new order that was based on their own specific principles. In this way, they can be seen as counter-ideologies to the Western way of life.

Is NFT price crash stirs debate on whether stimulus-led fad over?

Why sexual harassment claims against CEO can be dismissed
How to tell a guy you don't like him flowers?

A foreign company Her Room (herroom.com) is claiming that it can send the deliveries to India. Is it possible for a foreign e-Commerce company to deliver it in India?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on the company's specific shipping and delivery policies. However, in general it is possible for a foreign e-Commerce company to deliver to India, although there may be some restrictions or additional fees involved. It is always advisable to check with the company directly to inquire about their shipping and delivery policies to India.

Does the GDP of India increase quickly as per the BJP's representative tells?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some experts believe that the GDP of India has been increasing at a relatively rapid pace in recent years, while others believe that the country's economic growth has been more modest. In any case, it is clear that the BJP'srepresentative believes that the GDP of India is growing quickly.

If Scotland became independent, could there be an open border between England and Scotland?

It is possible that there could be an open border between England and Scotland if Scotland became independent; however, it is also possible that there could be border control measures put in place. It would ultimately depend on the agreement made between the Scottish and English governments.

Of all the causes for the fall of the western Roman Empire, which, if any, could have been prevented? Explain your answer.

The main cause for the fall of the Western Roman Empire was the influx of barbarian tribes from the north. This was caused by a number of factors, including the decline in Roman power, the weakness of the Roman imperial government, and the lure of Roman wealth. There was no single event that led to the fall of the empire, but a series of gradual changes over time.

Why is the brain of a dolphin bigger than ours? What about communication with the intelligent animal, can they talk in images?

There is not a definitive answer to this question. Some scientists believe that dolphins have larger brains because they live in complex social groups and must navigate through vast oceans. Others believe that their brain size is due to convergent evolution with other intelligent animals, such as primates. There is no evidence that dolphins can communicate in images, but they do have an advanced form of communication that is based on sound.

Who is the most talented underrated artist?

I would say the most talented underrated artist is Mac Miller.

Abraham (biblical figure): What is the approximate time period during which Abram most likely visited Egypt and who was likely the Pharaoh during Abram's visit?

The time period during which Abram most likely visited Egypt would be around 1850 BCE. The Pharaoh during Abram's visit was likely Amenemhat III.

Could Kurse from Thor: The Dark World beat MCU Hulk?

There is no clear answer, as the powers and abilities of each character are not fully known. However, considering Kurse's strength and durability, it is possible that he could defeat the Hulk in a fight.

I am planning to open a pizza business in Zambia. What are some good name ideas for an African pizza chain? What are sources of funding for an African startup?

1. Safari Pizza
2. Zambezi Pizza
3. Victoria Falls Pizza
4. Nile Pizza
5. Gombe Pizza
6. Serengeti Pizza
7. Moruya Pizza
8. Bwindi Pizza
9. Kilimanjaro Pizza
10. Ethiopian Pizza

How nationalistic are Norwegians?

The level of nationalism in Norway is generally considered to be relatively low. There are, however, pockets of nationalist sentiment within the population, particularly among young people and those on the political far-right.

How can I use a decision tree to classify relational database queries?

A decision tree can be used to classify relational database queries by determining which attributes are most important in determinining the query type. The tree can be used to identify the most important attribute, and then the other attributes can be classified based on their importance.

What do you do when a white cat crosses your path?

Some people believe that a white cat crossing your path is good luck, while others believe it is bad luck.

During a leap year, I have heard people say that Santa wears a blue suit for Christmas. Is this true because I don’t know if it is?

This is a myth! Santa always wears a red suit!

Why do some people keep their spouse's last name still when they divorce?

Some people keep their spouse's last name still when they divorce if they have the same last name.

If you already have a cat named Felix, what should you name your new kitten?

If you already have a cat named Felix, you should name your new kitten something like Max or Milo.

In reality, how can time shrink or expand, asked keeping perspective of special relativity in mind? What are some examples of such changes while avoiding subjective interpretation?

In reality, time cannot shrink or expand. However, from the perspective of an observer, time may appear to shrink or expand depending on the observer's relative velocity. For example, if an observer is moving closer to the speed of light, time will appear to slow down for that observer.

What is a government's potential criminal watch list?

A government's potential criminal watch list is a list of people who the government believes may be involved in criminal activity.

Are the names of the Greek cities Larissa, Edessa, and Thebes Greek?

Yes, the names of the Greek cities Larissa, Edessa, and Thebes are indeed Greek.

If one person plans to kill another, will God kill the murderous person so that he does not commit the murder?

There is no single answer to this question as it depends on the specific circumstances and beliefs of the individuals involved. Some people may believe that God will intervene to prevent a murder from happening, while others may believe that God will not interfere in such a situation. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what they believe about this issue.

How does gut bacteria 'talk' to horse's cells to improve their athletic performance?

Gut bacteria 'talk' to horse's cells by producing short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that act as signaling molecules. SCFAs can help regulate the immune system, and they also have anti-inflammatory effects.

Can I drive a borrowed German car in Switzerland?

Yes, as long as the car is registered and insured in Germany, and you have a valid driver's license from your home country.

Do guys with beautiful girlfriends feel fortunate?

Some guys might feel fortunate to have a beautiful girlfriend, while others might not feel that way. It ultimately depends on the guy's perspective.

Do European countries generally have lower business tax rates than the USA?

There is no easy answer to this question as tax rates vary greatly between different European countries and also depend on the specific type of business tax being considered. However, it is generally true that European countries tend to have lower overall tax rates than the United States, especially when corporate taxes are taken into account. This is one of the main reasons why many businesses choose to locate themselves in Europe rather than in the United States.

How commonly is an "m" sound used for self-reference (such as "my") among the world's languages? Does it appear frequently in non-Indo-European languages?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on a number of factors, including the particular language being considered and the region where it is spoken. However, it is generally agreed that the use of "m" for self-reference is relatively common among the world's languages, and that it appears frequently in non-Indo-European languages.

What if I were to soak pistachio shells overnight, boil them, roast them, grind them in a food processor, put them into a smoothie (or something), and then finally ate them?

If you did all of those things to pistachio shells, they would likely be more digestible and fewer shells would end up stuck in your teeth. However, we do not recommend consuming large amounts of ground pistachio shells as they can be a choking hazard.

What table manners should you teach a four-year-old?

You should teach a four-year-old to sit still at the table, to use a napkin, to chew with their mouth closed, and to say please and thank you.

How can a leader develop their self-control?

There are a number of ways that a leader can develop their self-control. They can become more aware of their triggers and learn to defuse their anger. They can also practice mindfulness and meditation to help them stay in the present moment and be less reactive. Additionally, they can develop a support network of friends or family members who can help them stay on track when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Is investing in the Maharashtra Scooters stock at the prevailing rate of Rs. 2,820 okay?

Maharashtra Scooters Ltd.Stock is currently trading at Rs. 2,820.00. If you invest in this stock at the prevailing rate, it is considered as okay.

Is there anyone on quota who has successfully migrated from one DU college to another after 1st year? Can you elaborate your story?


Has anyone ever tried changing their seats from pre-final year? If yes, could you elaborate on the process/ luck Please update on this as well! Yes some people were shifted from first-year to another DU college after first year,yes, it was free seat counseling in 2012.so I guess it would be possible for 2016 batch as well..please correct me if I'm wrong everyone!!But still you need to Take a permission from the principal Of your college and also the college you want to transfer to.and fill out std 1 from the university , submit it with a copy of ACR your previous class 10 & 12 pass certificate and examination registration slip if available and then have a chance of evaluation and allotted to another college under open category.If you get a better college than yours put up requests every where, even in vice chancellor's office too.

Do you think the two-party system of government has become ineffectual and it's time to make constitutional changes to rectify the situation?

I do think that the two-party system has become ineffectual, but I'm not sure about making constitutional changes.

What entry roles can a double major in philosophy and psychology fill that pay more than 30k per year?

-Philosophy and psychology double majors can fill entry roles such as research assistant, human resources assistant, marketing assistant, and administrative assistant.

How do I send money from India to other countries?

In order to send money from India to other countries, you will need to use a service that specializes in international money transfers. There are a number of these services available, and they will typically allow you to send money from your bank account in India to a bank account in the destination country. You will usually be able to do this online or over the phone, and you may be required to pay a fee for the service.

What do you think of the libertarian Reason magazine supporting Betsy DeVos' changes to the Title IX sexual assault rules, while criticising ACLU for failing to do the same and thus standing "against due process"?

I think it is valid to support DeVos' changes to the Title IX sexual assault rules while also criticizing the ACLU for failing to do the same. The ACLU has long been an advocate for due process, and it is disappointing that they have failed to recognize the importance of these new regulations.

Are Russia and the West busy diplomatically across Africa and the Middle East trying to portray their adversary as the culprit for spiraling food and fertilizer prices?

While EyesOnEvents.com has no way of proving that, before wars and conflicts, countries begin to undermine and demonize their enemy secretly. Africa and Middle East are the real prize for Russia and World Bank. Agricultural trade here is booming and nearly $7 billion worth of agro raw materials come from both regions to Russia every year.

The World Bank has recently sent a worrying message to Moscow that international food prices would hit new records in 2013, straining the Russian economy because this country itself is one of the world's largest importers of farm commodities, paying $37 billion a year on average.

Russia's swollen import bill around food means that the World Bank predicts inflation in Russia to rise above 7 percent early next year, compared with 6.3 percent expected in the Euro Zone this year, followed by JRT 4 percent in 2014.

In order to extricate itself from expensive imports of corn and wheat, Russia wants to double agricultural production by 2020, and rickets built huge refining facilities, modernized its agriculture and exported surplus bulky agriculture while doubling production by 2020. Atlanta's EBRD is bankrolling this ambitious project because it could not have been accomplished without valuable credits from the World Bank.

Russia founded the BRICS bank (Brazil-Russia-India-China South Africa) on 24 July 2015 as an instrument of global diplomacy competing against World Bank though both banks are affiliated. Would seriously compromise their command over food security issues? Because both institutions may now modify or challenge existing policies or openly criticized their botched management practices that created a lot of resentment within poorest countries about excessive corruption case or managerial expenses using African country funds instead US tax payers’ money . Should African governments support BRICS bank financial progress by funding all projects aimed here? Would promote them as reliable partners on conflict prevention while facing further instability caused by rising unemployment and declining purchasing power affecting already the most vulnerable populations who have seen too many confrontations between gunmen often involved in lawless activities involving health care systems ?

Stacey Lawtan - Senior Financial Advisor at Washington DC's EBRD - We finance microfinance companies which lend not more than $ 50 per person though our program we also invest heavily in funds over Africa’s banking sector aiming small financial institutions but need more funds particularly Western private investors who must contribute so we work together with them”… “

Lawtan explains that our own fund enables small banks based

How do I start doing up an unmaintained overgrown, almost a dump of a garden space? Where do you start and how do you proceed?

1. First, survey the space and make a plan. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.

2. Next, start clearing out the overgrown areas. Use a shovel or garden shears to remove excess foliage.

3. Once the space is cleared, it's time to start working on the soil. Add some organic matter, such as compost, to improve drainage and fertility.

4. Finally, plant some new plants or seeds to give the garden a fresh start.

When will the WBSEDCL office executive final result be published? Is there any update?

I'm From West Bengal And I Have Applied For The Post OfficeExecutive In Wbsedcl.

What is the latest news of wbwdcl assistant engineer result? Can you name a date?

I have applied for the post of Assistant Engineer in wbwdcl and its almost 4 monnth since i have given exam plz someone lodge here result date

When is the final merit list of WBWBCL Assistant Engineer will publish ?

Now I am currently working as Junior Engineer in WBPDCL.I have applied for this post. But still I am not getting official notification.The matter was reported to Official standing with proper acknowledgement.How long will it be taken to be resolve the issue?

Please teach job system rule before applying any government positions. Please follow rules, procedures and mechanisms for promotions to certain post for which i have applied two years before . But still all reformation is only promulgated on guidelines from you in your office . This has been avoided any staffs from taking action against me, who is trying to delay my promotion unreasonably.. Please follow reasonable decisions of promotion on seniority basis instead of giving unduly favour towards some individuals without following rules it leads to injustice , at last due to their action against me, i even don't join my job ..

Dear Colleagues to all staffs in Sanitation Wing Ward-09 (except 1 sanitation supervisor) area under Kolkata Municipal Corporation Ward-09 , Sanitation staffs are in low morale due diligence is not being paid by our departmental head or concerned ward counsellor towards our total inconveniences in our duties during days especially also night shifts also due to non supply of sanitary materials like sanitary napkin etc very shortly there will be dirty situation & health hazard crisis specially for ladies & children in our ward areas already lots of discussions with higher officials but demand & requirements are not paying any heed towards our views so at first we must protest unanimously against this situation decided though General Body Conference . participates yoursembly must and prevail victory otherwise next course of action shall be decided accordingly .Thanking You one & allCoordinated By : Falguni Rani Mallik Santi Rani Mallik ( voted unanimously by Area General Body )

Dear Colleagues, StaffSANITATION STAFFS INAentity Under Kolkata Municipal Corporation (Ward-09) are in low morale due diligence

How does wall mount industrial CO detector look?

A wall mount industrial CO detector typically consists of a small box with sensors, a control panel, and a display. The box is mounted on the wall, and the sensors are placed in strategic locations throughout the room or building. The control panel is used to set the alarm levels and monitor the CO levels in the room or building. The display shows the current CO levels in the room or building.

Do many people think that at WrestleMania 33 there will be a match between Roman Reigns (the guy) versus The Undertaker?

There is no way to know for sure how many people think this, but it is possible that some people believe this could happen.

How will digital twin change the manufacturing domain?

Digital twin will change manufacturing by making it more efficient, accurate, and faster.

Which is the best English newspaper to read daily to acquire something useful every day?

The Wall Street Journal is the best newspaper to read if you want to acquire something useful every day.

When does probability become guaranteed or very likely?

Probability can become guaranteed or very likely when there is a large enough sample size.

Can we trace back where and why some words are different from others in different grammatical situations?

It is difficult to say why some words are different in different grammatical situations. It is likely that the differences are due to historical factors that are no longer easily accessible.

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