🔥👉 In a competitive market, why is movie theater popcorn expensive?

"✅👉 Movie theater popcorn is expensive because the theater has a monopoly on the sale of popcorn."

Claire Cronin
Claire Cronin

How much does it cost for new ACT WIFI connection in Hyderabad if I choose 1050 pm plan?

The ACT WIFI connection in Hyderabad costs Rs.1050 pm.

Am an MMA fighter which is less effective in my country. Am thinking of relocating to an effective MMA city so which country will you recommend? Yes a city that can give me reasons to join traditional dancing instead

There are many effective MMA cities around the world, but some of the most popular ones include Los Angeles, New York, London, and Tokyo.

If a police officer who committed police brutality was killed by a family member of their victim, what types of reactions might happen from the public?

The public might react to the news of a police officer who committed police brutality being killed by a family member of their victim with shock, anger, or approval. Some people might see it as justice for the victim, while others might see it as an act of revenge that is not warranted.

Did Nancy Reagan ever become a friendly, accepting mother-in-law to Ron Reagan, Jr.'s wife Doria?

There is no record of Nancy Reagan ever becoming a friendly, accepting mother-in-law to Ron Reagan, Jr.'s wife Doria.

How does someone ethically remove a harmful person from a close one’s life?

There is no single answer to this question as the ethical approach to removing a harmful person from a close one's life will vary depending on the situation. Some potential ethical approaches that could be taken include using mediation or counseling to help the two individuals resolve their differences, or severing ties with the harmful individual altogether. It is important to consider all potential options and consequences before taking any action, as some approaches may do more harm than good.

Why are the Democrats watering down the infrastructure bill? Regardless what is cut off the bill, republicans in the senate will still reject it unless you cut all infrastructure spending from the bill.

The Democrats may be watering down the infrastructure bill in an attempt to make it more palatable to Republicans and increase the chances of passage. Alternatively, the Democrats may feel that they have already compromised enough on their core priorities and are unwilling to make further concessions.

Who decided, and on what basis and in what belief system, that equity must mean equal outcomes as opposed to equal opportunity?

The belief that everyone is equal and should be treated the same.

What do you do if someone told you that he's an army doctor in Syria and wants to terminate his mission early and asked for your help?

If someone told you that he was an army doctor in Syria and wanted to terminate his mission early, you could offer to help him by contacting the appropriate authorities to facilitate his return. You could also put him in touch with organizations that provide support to individuals who are experiencing psychological distress.

Is the reciprocal of a fraction always a whole number?

No. If a fraction has a numerator and denominator that are both whole numbers, then you can take the reciprocal to get a new fraction with a whole number numerator and denominator, but if either the numerator or denominator is not a whole number, then the reciprocal will not be a whole number.

Is it true that the Roman Empire may have lost more warriors in its military than any other ancient army or military because of how much they overly extended themselves?

There is no one answer to this question. It is possible that the Roman Empire lost more warriors in its military than any other ancient army or military because of how much they overly extended themselves, but it is also possible that they lost fewer warriors because they were better at fighting and had better technology.

Why does light mean opposite of intense and bright though bright is not the opposite of intense or dark is not?

There is no opposite to light.

Why don’t planes fly across the Southern Hemisphere across the South Pole?

There are a few reasons. First, there aren't many populated areas in the southern hemisphere near the South Pole, so there isn't as much demand for flights across that area. Second, the weather is more unpredictable near the South Pole, making it more difficult to plan flights. Finally, flying across the South Pole requires special permission from various countries, since most of the land in that area is claimed by one country or another.

What is a particular business?

A particular business is a specific company or enterprise.

Why is it important to diagnose dementia as early as possible?

Dementia is a degenerative disease that get worse over time. The sooner it is diagnosed, the sooner treatment can begin and the better the chances are for slowing its progression.

Why are aluminium wires wound together in power transmission?

The wires are wound together to form a cable. The resulting cable has a much higher current-carrying capacity than a single wire of the same cross-sectional area.

What do you think Robert E. Lee would think of this pseudo-deification of his war efforts that we see from the Lost Causers and other Americans?

Robert E. Lee would be incredibly upset by the pseudo-deification of his war efforts. He was a man who was incredibly humble and did not seek glory or recognition. He would be horrified by the way that some people are using his legacy to further their own agendas.

Is Huening Kai more fluent in Chinese or Korean? - Baby Moa


What do British people mean when they say they’re from “island”? At first I thought they meant Isle of Man, but I heard someone say “Island” refers to Bermuda.

Island typically refers to the Isle of Man, but can also refer to any number of other small islands off the coast of Great Britain.

Is it necessary to set our life aim in this uncertain world?

It is not necessary to set our life aim in this uncertain world, but it can be helpful to have a general direction in life. Having a life aim can help us to focus our efforts and make choices that will help us to achieve our goals.

Are our decisions merely justifications for doing what we are compelled to do by our subconscious desires?

It is possible that our decisions are motivated by subconscious desires, but it is also possible that we are motivated by other factors such as logic or reason. It is difficult to say definitively whether or not our decisions are merely justifications for our subconscious desires.

Is there a room for a rebirth of the British Empire after Brexit?

There is no room for a rebirth of the British Empire after Brexit.

What are some practices of the early Christianity that would seem weird today?

The early Christians were a sect of Judaism, and so many of their practices were based on Jewish law. For example, they kept kosher diets and observed the sabbath. They also practiced circumcision.

How would Catelyn be towards her offspring if they were all born majorly deformed in some way?

Catelyn would likely be shocked and horrified if her offspring were born majorly deformed. She would probably feel a great deal of guilt and responsibility, wondering if there was anything she could have done to prevent it. Catelyn would likely be very protective of her deformed children, wanting to shield them from the judgement and cruelty of the world.

What is being done nationwide to address the shortage of special education, math and science teachers in the US?

A nationwide effort to address the shortage of special education, math and science teachers in the US is underway. The US Department of Education is leading this effort, which includes providing funding to states and districts to recruit and retain qualified teachers in these subject areas. In addition, the department is working with teacher training programs to ensure that they are preparing teachers to meet the needs of students with disabilities, and is also providing support to states and districts to implement effective instructional practices in these subject areas.

What were the main reasons for the high cutoff in the NEET 2019 besides an easy paper?

The main reasons for the high cutoff in the NEET 2019 were the large number of candidates who appeared for the exam and the tougher questions asked in the exam.

What do the different colors of doctors’ uniforms signify?

Each color of a doctor's uniform represents a different area of medicine. For example, surgeons typically wear green scrubs while pediatricians typically wear blue scrubs.

Other than credit score, salary, current debt and assets, what else determines the amount that lenders will lend to home buyers?

Some other factors that lenders will take into account when determining how much to lend to home buyers include employment history, income stability, and other debts.

If SpaceX really becomes the first company to send humans to Mars would that be the US’s achievement or just a SpaceX achievement?

While SpaceX is an American company, if it is the first to send humans to Mars, it would be considered an achievement for SpaceX, rather than the United States.

How does a military coupe take place? Is there any way to not let it happen?

A military coup typically occurs when the current government is ousted by the military through force. There is usually no way to prevent a military coup from happening.

What can someone do if an SC/ST harasses any general candidate? Should there be any law to protect the general community similar to the SC/ST Act?

There is no special law that protects the general community from harassment by SC/ST candidates. However, the general community can file a complaint with the police or the district administration if they feel harassed by an SC/ST candidate.

Are inter-racial relationships accepted in your family or community?

Yes, inter-racial relationships are accepted in both my family and community.

For the best steaks, does one cut with the grain or against the grain, And what is the reasoning behind this?

When cutting steak, it is important to cut against the grain. This means that you should cut perpendicular to the lines of muscle fibers. Cutting with the grain would result in long, tough fibers that are difficult to chew.

I can't seem to find MJVE2HN/A model of the MacBook anywhere on the Apple site. Is it even legit?

Apple does not offer the MJVE2HN/A model of the MacBook on its website. It is unclear if this model is legitimate.

Why doesn't Sky TV collect ratings data via their set top box like Netflix does?

It is potential that Sky TV does collect ratings data via their set top box like Netflix does, but this data has not been made public. One potential reason why Sky TV may not release this information is because it could be used to negotiate better terms with content providers. If Sky TV knows that a particular show is very popular on their platform, they may be able to negotiate a better licensing fee from the content provider. Another potential reason why Sky TV may not release ratings data is because it could give their competitors an advantage. If other pay-TV providers know what shows are most popular on Sky TV, they may be able to create similar packages that would attract customers away from Sky TV.

How do you copy/paste full-size pictures in photo sets?

To copy/paste full-size pictures in photo sets, you can use the Snipping Tool or a similar program to take screenshots of the individual images.

Can you predict my chart faced severe health issues? My DOB is 1/5/1998 at 4:30 AM in Rajampet.

I cannot accurately predict your health simply from your birth chart.

Did Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande ever want to sign with JYP Entertainment? Why did JYP Entertainment turn them down if they did?

There is no record of Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande ever expressing interest in signing with JYP Entertainment. It is possible that JYP Entertainment turned them down for unknown reasons.

How culture helps for regional human right development?

Culture plays an important role in regional human rights development because it helps to shape people's beliefs and values. Culture can help to promote or hinder human rights by influencing how people view and treat others.

Did you see where the French guy's wife came out and said the princess is being held hostage in the castle?

Yes, it was reported earlier today.

What are the chances of passing typing if someone types 1997 key depression in CGL?

There is no specified number of key depressions needed to pass the typing test in CGL.

Why did the writers of the 1st Amendment guarantee free expression?

The writers of the 1st Amendment guarantee free expression in order to protect the marketplace of ideas.

What are the legal and sociological bases of school and community partnership? What are some examples?

The legal basis of school and community partnership is typically derived from state statutes and regulations. For example, in the state of California, the Education Code establishes partnerships between local educational agencies and community-based organizations to provide after-school programs. The code also requires school districts to develop Local Control and Accountability Plans that include community engagement plans.

The sociological basis for school and community partnership rests on the belief that children succeed when families, schools, and communities work together. This belief is borne out by research demonstrating that family and community involvement in education is associated with improved academic outcomes for students.

Some examples of school and community partnership include school-based health clinics, homework clubs, school gardens, and co-located social service agencies.

If gravity simply warped spacetime, shouldn't the distortion be "static"? Why approaching bodies actually "move" attracted?

This is a great question! In general relativity, there is no such thing as a "static" distortion of spacetime. Any time there is matter or energy present, spacetime will be distorted. So even if there isn't any motion, there will still be a distortion. The reason that approaching bodies actually move is because of the way that gravity distorts spacetime. The closer you are to a massive object, the more gravity will distort spacetime. This means that the closer you are to a massive object, the more your path will be bent. If you are moving towards a massive object, your path will be bent even more, and you will end up orbiting the object.

What’s the difference between “breaking” a cipher and “cracking” it?

The difference between "breaking" a cipher and "cracking" it is that breaking is an brute force attack where every possible key is tried until the message is decrypted. Cracking is finding the key through methods other than trying every possible key.

Could gravity be an asymmetric drag effect that objects experience when passing through a region of relatively more field perturbations?

Asymmetric drag could possibly be a result of an object's gravity interacting with a region of space with more field perturbations. However, this is speculative and more research would be needed to determine if this is actually the case.

Can I have a name suggestion for a shapeshifting monster? Other than skinwalker.

shape-changer, metamorph, transformer, werewolf, lycanthrope

Is the plantaris muscle visible when the knee is flexed against resistance and the ankle is in dorsiflexion?

The plantaris muscle is not visible when the knee is flexed against resistance and the ankle is in dorsiflexion.

What is the best SEO book one can read to get a practical understanding of SEO?

The best book on SEO would be The Art of SEO by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola.

Which countries use a non-ballot-based voting system, (like electronic voting machines)?

Some countries that use electronic voting machines include Austria, Brazil, Canada, India, and the United States.

Why does Damien Chazelle look so pale all the time?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but it is speculated that Damien Chazelle looks pale all the time because of his poor diet and lifestyle choices. It is also speculated that he has a medical condition that causes him to look pale.

Which companies manufactures real time flame sensors?

-Honeywell Analytics
-Dräger Safety
-Mirion Technologies
-National Instruments

My wife admitted to cheating but now denies it happened. What should I do?

If your wife has admitted to cheating, it is important to take some time to process what has happened. It is also important to have a honest conversation with your wife about what happened and why it happened. If your wife denies that the cheating occurred, it may be helpful to get some outside support to help you work through this situation.

If animals had vocal cords, would the shape of their mouth change the way they speak?

If animals had vocal cords, the shape of their mouth would affect the way they speak. For example, a dog's mouth is shaped differently than a human's, so their speech would likely sound different.

Is there such a thing as "matter", or is everything simply energy?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some scientists believe that matter is a manifestation of energy, while others believe that matter and energy are two separate entities.

Is leaving your wheel turned after parking wrong?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on the circumstances. Generally speaking, however, leaving your wheel turned after parking is not considered to be wrong. There are a few potential reasons why you might do this, such as if you are parked on a hill and want to ensure that your car does not roll away. As long as you take precautions to ensure that your car is not going to cause any problems or accidents, then leaving your wheel turned should not be an issue.

What do you think of the Tamil Nadu minister making a tribal boy remove his footwear?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as it depends on the individual's personal opinion. However, many people would likely see this act as disrespectful, especially given the fact that the boy was reportedly forced to do so.

Is it normal to regret adopting a kitten after its arrival even if you're having a good time?

I adopted a kitten and I've been having a great time, but I sometimes find myself regretting it. I think this is normal because there is a lot of responsibility that comes with owning a pet.

What is the probability of an Indian film released before 2030 grossing 10,000 plus crore rupees at the worldwide box office?

There is no known answer to this question.

How do I stop the Spotify premium free trial?

Open Spotify and click the three dots in the top-right corner of the main screen. Select Account from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to Your Plan and click CHANGE PLAN. Select your new, non-premium plan. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the change.

What happens if you go in the sun before your sunscreen has had 15 minutes to absorb?

If you go in the sun without sunscreen or before it has had 15 minutes to absorb, you are at risk for a sunburn.

As leftists, have you ever felt you wanted to self-segregate yourself from everyone else to make progressive change?

Yes, there have been times when I have felt this way. However, I ultimately believe that we must work together with others - even those with whom we disagree - in order to create lasting change.

When is pessat 2nd rounds?

I do not know.

Did Britain’s struggle to defeat Nazi Germany make it lose its authority or credibility at governing or maintaining its worldwide empire? Surely if the “mighty” Britain couldn’t defeat one nation they had no ability or right to rule 1/4 of earth?

The answer is both yes and no. Britain's reputation as an effective military power was certainly diminished by its failure to defeat Nazi Germany. However, this did not necessarily lead to a loss of authority or credibility in governing its worldwide empire. In many ways, the British Empire actually expanded in the aftermath of World War II, as the country took control of several new territories. Even though the British military had been unable to defeat the Germans, it was still generally seen as a more effective fighting force than the militaries of most other countries. This meant that the British were still able to project power and maintain their position as a leading world power.

How can you take credit cards payments across the net?

A business can take credit card payments across the net by using a payment gateway.

How do I run bootable media on my Asus S550CM ultrabook while keeping the existing pre-installed Windows 8 intact?

There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest way is to install a virtual machine program like Oracle VM VirtualBox on your Windows 8 machine. With VirtualBox installed, you can then insert your bootable media into your computer and run it in a virtual environment. This will allow you to keep your existing Windows 8 installation intact while still being able to use your bootable media.

What are some of the world's most impressive lighting installations?

Some of the world's most impressive lighting installations can be found at the following locations:

-The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland
-The Niagara Falls in Canada
-The Las Vegas Strip in Nevada
-The Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

How does a victim help in the prosecution of a case?

The victim will help in the prosecution of a case by testifying in court and providing evidence to the prosecutor.

What does external use mean?

External use means that a product is meant to be used on the outside of the body, typically on the skin.

Why do I get so self critical when I can't wrap my head around even complex ideas?

There could be a few reasons why you get self critical when you can't understand complex ideas. Perhaps you are worried that others will think you are not smart enough if you can't understand the ideas. Or, you may simply be a perfectionist who expects yourself to always understand everything. Whatever the reason, it is important to try to be more accepting of yourself and to remember that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

Why is toilet paper becoming scarce across the nation?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some possible explanations include panic buying in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, disruptions to the global supply chain, and increased demand from people who are working from home.

There are many hobbies I enjoy spending time doing, but I have nothing that I’m absolutely 100% into. Nothing that I feel like, “ this is what I’m meant to do in life”. I get discouraged because it seems like everyone else has one. Any advice?

You are not alone in not having a hobby or passion that you're "absolutely 100% into." It's perfectly normal to not have anything that you're completely dedicated to. There's nothing wrong with enjoying many different hobbies and activities. Try not to compare yourself to others and focus on finding things that you enjoy doing. If you're struggling to find a hobby that you're passionate about, consider trying new things or exploring your interests further. Talk to friends and family members to see if they have any recommendations. Don't be afraid to experiment until you find something that you really love.

Can a thief take the wheels off a car?

Yes, a thief can take the wheels off a car.

Why are school dress codes so ridiculous? The cheerleaders at my school got dress coded for the outfits the school provides them with.

I think that school dress codes are ridiculous because they are not very clear and they are inconsistently enforced. For example, the cheerleaders at my school got dress coded for the outfits the school provides them with. This is because the dress code says that clothing that is "too revealing" is not allowed. However, it is not clear what is considered "too revealing." Additionally, the dress code is inconsistently enforced. For example, some girls are able to wear tank tops without getting dress coded, while others are not.

How can my layout class connect to my Action Event Listener Class (logic)?

This is an example of how your layout class can connect to your Action Event Listener Class:

class MyLayoutClass implements ActionListener { private JButton myButton; public MyLayoutClass() { myButton = new JButton("Click Me!"); myButton.addActionListener(this); } public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) { //do something here } }

What is a good way to hang a foamboard?

There are many ways to hang a foamboard, but one method is to use Velcro strips. You can buy these strips at most hardware stores. Another method is to use push pins.

Why do companies and politicians make secret contracts, when these contracts are made public later quite often?

There are several reasons why companies and politicians might make secret contracts even though these contracts are often made public later. First, companies and politicians may want to keep the terms of the contract secret in order to avoid scrutiny from the public or from other businesses. Second, companies and politicians may want to keep the contract secret in order to prevent competitors from learning about the terms of the agreement and trying to undercut the deal. Finally, companies and politicians may simply be trying to avoid bad publicity that could come from making the details of a contract public.

Is she flirting with me if she holds eye contact, raises her eyebrow, and winks at me?

She could be flirting, but there are other possibilities. She could simply be being friendly, or she could have something in her eye.

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