🔥👉 My sister got hit by a car last month. The driver admitted his fault on the scene. However, later he hired an expensive lawyer to turn the case against my sister. What should my sister do?

"✅👉 If the driver admitted his fault on the scene, there should be a police report or some other documentation of this. Your sister can use this evidence to support her case. She should also gather any medical records related to her injuries, as well as any witnesses who saw the accident. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to help her build a strong case and get the compensation she deserves."

Mr. Felton Rowe
Mr. Felton Rowe

How do I start a successful voice acting career in 2021?

There's no one path to becoming a voice actor, but there are some things you can do to improve your chances of success. Start by taking acting classes and connecting with other aspiring voice actors. You should also make sure to practice your vocal skills regularly. Record yourself reading scripts or practicing new voices, and then listen back to identify areas you can improve. Finally, stay up to date on industry news and trends so you know what opportunities might be available to you.

What is the biggest burden of our life?

The biggest burden of our life is the choices we make.

What product is marketed to the elderly but is actually just awesome for anyone?

The Oasis of the Seas is a cruise ship that is marketed to the elderly. It is designed for people who want to have a relaxing vacation and do not want to be bothered by the hustle and bustle of other cruise ships.

Foreign countries use at least two or three locomotives for hauling freight and passenger trains, why is Indian Railways restricting itself to two locomotives (excluding hilly terrain)?

This is mostly due to the grade of the track. India has a vast network of railways, but a majority of it is single track. This means that if a train is going in one direction, any other train going in the opposite direction has to wait until the first one passes. This is why most trains in India are restricted to two locomotives.

With Ukranians being maimed and killed by Russian military everyday the NATO should step in along with Ukraine in the war and teach Putin a lesson that he never thinks of annexing any country in future that should send shivers down his spine?

It is very unlikely that NATO would intervene militarily in the Ukrainian conflict, as it is not a member state. NATO has provided some non-military assistance to Ukraine, including financial support and advice on defense reform, but it has been reluctant to get too involved in the conflict lest it provoke a reaction from Russia.

Does the “Milk Tea Alliance” release investigation report on COVID-19 transmission?

I think that it is still possible for this to happen, but the chances are not very high. The reason why I say this is because the Milk Tea Alliance is still quite new and it is not clear how organized they are. Additionally, release of this type of information could potentially harm relations between the countries involved.

What is the most profitable field for someone with a psychology degree?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some of the most profitable fields for someone with a psychology degree include clinical psychology, counseling, industrial-organizational psychology, and neuroscience.

Why can't the government stop spam calls? Couldn't the FCC require providers to stop it?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, says that it can be very difficult to stop unwanted calls from telemarketers. The problem is that many telemarketers use “spoofed” caller ID information, which makes it hard for consumers to know who is calling and makes it hard for law enforcement to trace the calls. Additionally, some scammers are using technology that makes it difficult for call blockers and other tools to screen out their calls. The FTC recommends that consumers do not answer calls from unfamiliar numbers, do not give out personal information, and hang up if the caller asks you to hit a button to stop getting the calls.

What are the guidelines for writing topic descriptions on Quora?

There is no one answer to this question as different people have different preferences when it comes to how they like to structure their writing. However, there are a few general tips that could be useful to keep in mind when writing a topic description on Quora:

1. Keep it concise: When writing a topic description, it is important to be clear and concise. This means being specific about what the topic is about, and avoiding any unnecessary details.

2. Make it easy to read: Another important consideration is to make sure that the topic description is easy to read. This means using simple language and avoiding any technical jargon.

3. Be positive: It is also important to be positive when writing a topic description. This means focusing on the positive aspects of the topic, and avoiding any negative language.

Have YouTube movies become excessively priced to buy or rent?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the price of YouTube movies varies depending on the movie in question and the specific rental or purchase agreement. However, in general, YouTube movies tend to be more expensive to rent or purchase than movies from other sources. This is likely due to the fact that YouTube movies are often new releases, which tend to be more expensive than older movies. Additionally, YouTube movies may be subject to additional fees, such as subscription fees, that other movies are not.

Why is a badger brush considered the best for shaving?

There are a few reasons why a badger brush is considered the best for shaving. Badger hair is known for being very soft, which helps to create a rich lather and avoid irritation. In addition, badger brushes are good at holding water, which helps to create a more consistent shave.

Is Tom Cruise generally liked or disliked amongst other big Hollywood stars?

It is difficult to say because there are mixed opinions. Some people feel that Cruise is intense and they do not enjoy working with him. However, others feel that he is dedicated and passionate about his work.

I’ve been having shitty days and kinda distancing myself from my family cause I’m scared of my dad and my mum always yells at me so I thought (please continue reading in the answer section)?

Sorry to hear that you've been having a tough time. It sounds like it's been really hard for you to cope with everything that's going on. I hope you're able to find some support from friends or family members who can offer a listening ear and some understanding.

Quantum mechanics opts for mathematics as a language to explain the microscopic world. Isn't there any other alternative?

There may be other alternatives, but mathematics is the only language that has been shown to be capable of accurately describing the behavior of subatomic particles.

How do you view a person who really believes their dog won't bite?

I think that this person is naive and is not being realistic about their dog's potential.

What are the effects bases and acids have on materials?

Bases softens materials while acids harden them.

What was a reform created as a result of the crash of 1929?

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

What is the scope of a mechanical engineer to get into process industries like cement?

A mechanical engineer may find employment in the process industries, such as the cement industry. In this sector, the engineer would be responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of equipment and machinery used in the manufacturing process.

Which one should one choose to study to get higher salary with relatively lower effort: CSE or EEE and why?

There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on individual preferences and interests. However, based on job market demand and average salaries, computer science and engineering (CSE) seems to be a more lucrative field than electrical engineering (EEE). CSE graduates tend to earn higher salaries and have more job opportunities than EEE graduates. Additionally, CSE requires less specific coursework than EEE, meaning that students can explore a variety of topics within the field.

How do I sort month names in a C program?

To sort month names in a C program, you can use the qsort() function from the standard C library. This function takes an array of pointers to elements and a comparison function as arguments. The comparison function should take two pointers to elements and return an integer less than, equal to, or greater than zero if the first element is less than, equal to, or greater than the second element, respectively.

To sort month names in alphabetical order, you can use the following comparison function:

int compare_months(const void *a, const void *b) { const char *month1 = *(const char **)a; const char *month2 = *(const char **)b; return strcmp(month1, month2); }

Then, to sort an array of month names, you would call qsort() like this:

qsort(months, NUM_MONTHS, sizeof(char*), compare_months);

Is exercise necessary or just optional?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some experts believe that exercise is necessary for good health, while others believe it is optional. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to exercise depends on the individual's personal health goals and preferences.

How can I increase my math Olympiad problems solving speed (at this time I can solve national level competitions, but I always exceed the time limit)?

There are a number of things that you can do in order to increase your math Olympiad problems solving speed. One thing that you can do is to practice timed problems under pressure. Another thing that you can do is to study and understand the types of problems that are commonly asked in math Olympiads. Additionally, you can try to break down the problem into smaller pieces in order to solve it more quickly.

How do you make the most of your downtown apartment space?

If you live in a downtown apartment, chances are you don’t have a lot of space to work with. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your downtown apartment space:

1. Get rid of any unnecessary furniture. If you don’t use it, get rid of it. This will give you more space to work with.

2. Place your furniture strategically. Don’t put your couch in the middle of the room – try putting it against the wall or in a corner. This will make your room appear larger.

3. Use vertical space. Since you probably don’t have a lot of floor space, make use of your walls by hanging shelves or using Vertical Wall Organizers.

4. Use multifunctional furniture. Coffee tables that double as storage ottomans and chairs that fold into beds are great examples of multifunctional furniture that can save you space.

5. Keep your belongings organized. Clutter can make even the largest room feel small, so make sure to keep your belongings organized and out of sight.

Can any IPL player buy IPL tickets on discounts for their relatives if relatives ask him to do so or arrange passes for them?

There is no official policy from the IPL governing this, so it likely depends on the team and the player. Some players may be able to get discounts or passes for their relatives, but it is not guaranteed.

Why did Drogon carry Daenerys’s body away?

There is no clear answer, but it is possible that Drogon was trying to protect Daenerys's body from being desecrated or captured.

What was the name of those cookies from the early 90s, which were shaped like princesses, knights and dragons, and came in a box that could be folded into a castle?

The cookies were called Dragon Cookies and the box could be folded into a castle.

Should India have played a wrist spinner against Pakistan in the Champions Trophy 2017 final match?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on various factors, including the conditions of the pitch, the batting order of the opposing team, and the bowling style of the Indian spinners. However, some cricket experts believe that India should have played a wrist spinner in the final match against Pakistan, as the conditions were conducive to spin bowling and the Pakistani batting order is known to struggle against spin bowling.

Is it safe to sit on your boyfriend’s lap while they drive?

It depends on the situation. If your boyfriend is a skilled and experienced driver, it is generally safe to sit on their lap while they drive. However, if your boyfriend is inexperienced or distracted, it might not be safe.

Why do people hate on the next person?

There is no single answer to this question. Some people may hate others because of their race, religion, or ethnicity. Others may hate others because they have different beliefs or values. Still others may hate others simply because they are different from themselves.

What are some cool and elaborate ways to express the number 15?

Some cool and elaborate ways to express the number 15 could include using binary code, Morse code, or even sign language.

What is your pet pit-bull like? Can you share firsthand stories or personal photos?

My pit bull is very high energy and loves to play. She is also very sweet and loving. She is always happy and wagging her tail.

What definitive set of behaviors constitute parental alienation?

There is no definitive set of behaviors that constitute parental alienation. However, some common behaviors that may contribute to parental alienation include badmouthing the other parent, telling the child that the other parent does not love them, preventing the child from spending time with the other parent, and interfering with the other parent's attempts to communicate with the child. Additionally, parents who alienate their children may try to turn the child against the other parent or make the child feel guilty for spending time with the other parent.

Is it possible to pretend to know/understand/believe something without realizing you're pretending?

Yes. This is called self-deception.

Did modern day humans invented the hose or pipe based on the anatomy of our blood vessels or the structure of the bamboo plant?

It is not known who invented the hose or pipe.

Why does toothpaste primarily only come in one-sized tube?

This is mostly due to historical reasons. In the past, toothpaste came in small tubes that were easy to carry around. As the popularity of toothpaste grew, manufacturers began to make larger tubes. Today, most people use a standard-sized tube of toothpaste, so manufacturers only produce one size.

Why does a groom sit on a horse in a Hindu wedding?

There is no specific reason why a groom sits on a horse in a Hindu wedding. It is possible that this tradition began because horses were considered a symbol of power and prestige, and sitting on a horse during the wedding ceremony would have conveyed these qualities to the guests. Today, riding a horse during the wedding ceremony is simply a way to add some flair and make the event more memorable.

Whose brokers and participants are more well behaved, Wall Street (NYSE) or Dalal Street (BSE)?

There is no definitive answer to this question as both financial markets have had their share of scandals and fraud over the years. That said, it is generally believed that the Indian stock market (Dalal Street) is more regulated and less prone to manipulation than the US stock market (Wall Street).

If absolute omnipotence was on the lowest end of a numeric scale, what intensity of power would be on the highest end?

There is no highest end on a numeric scale.

What is the dark side of venture capitalism?

There is no one answer to this question as the dark side of venture capitalism can vary depending on who you ask. Some people may say that the dark side of venture capitalism is the high risk and potential for failure associated with start-up businesses, while others may say that it is the greed and excessive wealth accumulation often seen in venture capitalists.

Can you restrain the developmentally disabled in California if they are being harmful towards other clients or themselves?


Should I send my pitch deck to any 'investor' who asks for one?

This is a difficult question to answer. Some people may say yes, because it shows you are willing to share information and are open to feedback. Others may say no because you run the risk of someone stealing your idea. Ultimately, you will need to make this decision based on your own comfort level and the specific situation.

How have you broken free from overwhelming anxiety?

I have broken free from overwhelming anxiety by learning how to control my thoughts and focus on the present moment. I have also learned how to breathe deeply and relax my body when I start to feel anxious.

How deaf and dumb uses speech recognition?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the specific speech recognition technology used by deaf and dumb individuals may vary depending on their individual needs and preferences. However, some common examples of speech recognition technology that may be used by deaf and dumb individuals include text-to-speech (TTS) software, which can convert spoken words into written text; sign language interpreters, who can translate spoken words into sign language; and voice recognition software, which can recognize and respond to spoken commands.

Are the gambling slot pokie machine double ups black/red really random or is the machine rigged in some way?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the odds of winning on a slot pokie machine double up may vary depending on the specific game and casino. However, it is generally accepted that the odds of winning on a slot pokie machine double up are completely random, and that the machine is not rigged in any way.

What was Zendaya's worst concern while shooting a love scene?

While shooting a love scene, Zendaya's worst concern was that her co-star would be uncomfortable.

Have democratic candidates stated their stand on H1-B visa?

The Democratic candidates have not taken a cohesive stand on H1-B visas. Some, like Bernie Sanders, have called for increasing the number of H1-B visas, while others, like Elizabeth Warren, have called for abolishing them.

Do you get seasick when traveling by boat, especially in rough waters? If so, what's your solution/cure for this problem (if any)?

There is no one solution to seasickness, as what works for one person might not work for another. However, some possible solutions include taking over-the-counter medication like Dramamine or Bonine, wearing special wristbands that apply pressure to acupressure points, or eating ginger in some form (ginger ale, ginger candies, etc.).

What is your review of Financial Modeling?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the review of financial modeling will vary depending on the individual's specific goals and needs. However, in general, Financial Modeling can be an extremely useful tool for individuals who wish to better understand and predict financial outcomes. For those who are new to financial modeling, there are a number of resources available that can help to get started, including online tutorials and books on the subject. Once comfortable with the basics, financial modelers can begin to experiment with different scenarios and assumptions to see how they might affect future results. This process can be extremely helpful in identifying risk factors and potential areas of opportunity, and can ultimately lead to more informed decision-making.

Is gravity really mathematical?

Gravity is a fundamental force of nature, not a mathematical concept.

Why do presidents meet in foreign countries? For example, Putin and Biden will meet in Geneva; why not Washington or Moscow?

Presidents often meet in foreign countries in order to reaffirm their commitment to diplomacy and to reduce the risk of domestic political interference.

Is day care the most sophisticated version of the babysitting industry?

No, but it is a form of child care.

Leading questions may be asked in cross-examination, provided under which section of Indian Evidence Act?

Leading questions may be asked in cross-examination, provided under section 145 of Indian Evidence Act.

Is it really OK to be bi\gay as a trans guy? My dad says that if I ever came out to him, he would just start calling me by my dead name… which died about four years ago… and yeah I like dudes and girls. mostly girls. but still.

Yes, it is perfectly OK to be LGBTQIA+ as a transgender guy. Your dad's response is unfortunately not uncommon, but it does not reflect reality. You are who you are, and you should be proud of that.

Why is the gearbox among the most vulnerable weak spots on most helicopters?

There are a few reasons for this. One is that the gearbox is located close to the engine and thus is subject to high temperatures and vibration. Another is that the gearbox contains a lot of moving parts, which can wear out over time. Finally, the gearbox is under a lot of stress when the helicopter is in flight, which can lead to failure.

If someone measured my momentum precisely enough, will I randomly teleport away, due to the uncertainty principle?

The momentum of an object is not a precisely defined quantity, due to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This means that if someone measured your momentum precisely enough, there would be a non-zero probability that you would teleport away.

What are some effective ways to "lead up" - or influence without authority?

Some effective ways to influence without authority are to build relationships, be persuasive, and be a thought leader.

Why is India called the land of variety?

Because it has a wide range of geographical features, climate zones, and cultures.

Why are the sizes of the official iOS system icons for the top navigation bar not corresponding with the officially advised size of 22x22?

I'm wondering about this, because I've created a custom tab bar with my own custom icons and when I check the pixels in Preview, the system icons have a size of 20x20, while my icons are 22x22.
It's not visible to the eye that there is any difference, but still I wonder why Apple would use smaller system icons?


Pixel-perfect design is important to Apple but there are a lot of places where developers can tell that Apple does not always practiced what they preach. The official answer for icon sizes for iOS is 20x20 for both tab bar and toolbar.
However, default tab bar icon size in both storyboard and simulator is 22x22 due to the height of 25 being rounded off to even number. To further confuse developers, the tab bar UIButton widths are 44 while unsafe areas widths on iPhone X In portrait only (landscape mode Is different) are slightly greater than 44. While explaining cell widths or layout margins, we say these details matter if you want pixel perfect layout but falling short in a few cases can be overcome by rounding off as long as all your measurement match up and work on multiple devices. But that isn't quite true at Apple since there are some§ spots they seem to deliberately break their rules by 1 or 2 points depending on the numbers of points per inch on device (sometimes it seems intentional because borders get bigger when rounded along with rounding sizes down)
As far as getting different results from Preview vs real life - Preview uses retina screen resolution when measuring, achieving so is more complicated sometimes and more straight forward sometimes. If you really care about all your pixels being at exactly the correct position and dimensions, you need to measure with an app that can use device screen resolution even without retina screen. Retina screens are logical — twice as wide and high so when Photoshop scales image up by 100%. But that does not apply when you have special control like button which change scale dynamically with at least one side staying protected so its size doesn't zoom out sharply like an image when nested view scale small arrayed content down sharply). A few similar advanced calculation examples:

For iPhone 11 Pro Max at 2688 × 1242 pixels @458 ppi based on this link number 2688 divided 450 point per inches gives us 5 1024 x 1024 pixel images to cover full canvas which is kind of enjoyable overthinking! https://www.howto

What do you think of Modern Learning Environments (MLE's)?

MLE's are a great way to provide students with an engaging and interactive learning environment. They can help promote student-centered learning and allow for more collaboration between students.

How does one soothe a loved one with BPD when they are having an emotional ramp up?

It can be difficult to soothe a loved one with BPD when they are having an emotional ramp up, but it is important to try to remain calm and understanding. It is also helpful to provide distraction, such as watching a movie or listening to music. Finally, it is important to validate the person's feelings and let them know that you are there for them.

Does everyone like some friends more than others?

Yes. Friendships are not always evenly balanced. One person may feel like they put more effort into the friendship than the other.

How does compelling medical history (such as a vaccine passport) by private or public business violate Federal HIPAA law?

Compelling medical history by private or public business does not violate Federal HIPAA law.

Is current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed to refuse the seating of all the Republican members of the House of Representatives that are objecting to President elect Joe Biden’s victory?

Nancy Pelosi is not allowed to refuse the seating of any members of the House of Representatives, regardless of their political affiliation.

I'm writing a novel and wondering if it's possible to make strangulation look like hanging? The first pathologist rules suicide, but the second one uncovers something that indicates it could in fact be murder. What could be uncovered?

There are a few things that could be uncovered that would indicate strangulation rather than hanging. For example, if the victim has broken blood vessels in their eyes, this is indicative of strangulation. Additionally, if the victim has petechiae (small red or purple lesions) on their face, neck, or chest, this is also indicative of strangulation. Finally, if the victim has fractured bones in their neck, this is a clear indicator that they were strangled rather than hanged.

Are Israelis forced to vote for Netanyahu? Why do they allow it?

No, Israelis are not forced to vote for Netanyahu. However, the current political system in Israel does allow him to serve as Prime Minister even if he does not have the support of the majority of Israelis.

Where do you draw the line between "this is who I am take it or leave it" and "I need to change this trait of mine, to improve my relationships"?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the individual and the situation. In general, if someone is unhappy with a particular trait, it may be worth considering whether or not changing that trait would improve their relationships. However, it is also important to consider whether or not the person is comfortable with changing that aspect of themselves. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to change a particular trait is a personal one.

Is differentiating 5^x a chain rule problem?

Looking at the definition of the chain rule, it seems that differentiating 5^x is not a chain rule problem.

Can boys wear the girls’ primary school uniform to school?

generally no

Is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sold as a two part book anywhere?

I cannot find any evidence that suggests Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was ever sold as a two part book.

What is the introduction of road safety?

Road safety is the process of learning how to drive a vehicle and staying aware of potential hazards on the road.

What will happen if I eat a small unpeeled grape?

If you eat a small unpeeled grape, nothing will happen.

In a book, it is written that Vishnu is a mixture of many devatas. Is it true?

There is no book that states this. Vishnu is one god.

What are some iconic places at IIT KGP?

Some iconic places at IIT KGP are the Main Building, the Central Workshop, the Hijli Detention Camp, the Rajendra Mishra School of Engineering Entrepreneurship, the Nehru Museum of Science and Technology, and the Vikram Sarabhai Library.

Should Fox News be considered propaganda? CNN to a lesser extent also?

There is no easy answer for this question. Fox News could be considered propaganda if their news was slanted to favor a certain political ideology or point of view. CNN could also be considered propaganda if they were to do the same thing.

Can the junior advocate of a senior advocate appear in any cases of the client of his senior advocate without signing the Vakalatnama paper but with oral permission of his senior advocate?


As a data scientist have you ever been so frustated that you decide to quit data science?


Even though Cassini was low on fuel, why was it destroyed instead of set on a trajectory toward Neptune for a flyby and then to the outer solar system?

Cassini was destroyed instead of set on a trajectory toward Neptune for a flyby and then to the outer solar system because it was low on fuel.

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