🔥👉 What is a surprising person?

"✅👉 Someone who is funny and outgoing when you first meet them, but who turns out to be introverted and serious once you get to know them."

Alexie Kuhlman II
Alexie Kuhlman II

How can I read ACE (Band of Brothers #1) by Lyra Parish?

There is not currently a way to read ACE (Band of Brothers #1) by Lyra Parish.

My boyfriend knocks down my apartment door when we fight. He triggers my PTSD so I feel safer not opening my door when he is pissed. He says fixing the door is my responsibility. What should I do?

If your boyfriend is knocking down your apartment door when you fight, it is likely that he is causing you to feel unsafe in your own home. You may want to consider speaking with a domestic violence hotline or shelter about your options and resources.

Why are some elite parties and nations able to maintain dominance?

There are many reasons why some elite parties and nations are able to maintain dominance. Firstly, they may have a monopoly on the use of violence, meaning that they are the only ones with the power to use force to get what they want. This gives them a huge advantage over other groups who do not have access to such force. Secondly, they may control the means of production, such as land, factories, and resources, which gives them a great deal of power and wealth. Finally, they may have a strong ideology or set of beliefs that legitimizes their power and authority.

Have you ever had any interactions with law enforcement after a gun that was purchased from you was used in a crime? If so, what happened?

Yes, I have had interactions with law enforcement after a gun that was purchased from me was used in a crime. In each instance, the gun was sold to an individual who then used it in a crime. I was contacted by law enforcement and questioned about the sale. I provided them with the information that I had on the purchaser and cooperated with their investigation. I was not charged with any crime.

What does the 90-day grace period given by the U.S. to Huawei mean to the company?

The 90-day grace period given by the U.S. to Huawei means that the company can continue to do business with American firms for the next three months. After that, it is unclear what will happen.

What would happen if the son of a dictator was arrested in the US for murder and as soon as his father hears about his arrest he threatens the US to release his son or else he will declare war how would the US respond?

The U.S. would likely respond with diplomacy and try to negotiate a peaceful resolution. If the dictator refused to back down, the U.S. might retaliatory sanctions or military action.

What would the column size and reinforcement for a central column of 12m*12m panel be for a five-story commercial building?

The column size and reinforcement for a central column of 12m*12m panel for a five-story commercial building would be 500mm * 500mm with at least 16mm diameter rebars placed vertically at 200mm center to center.

How can I get rid of my business partner?

The best way to get rid of a business partner is to have a buy-sell agreement in place that states how the business will be handled in the event that one partner wants to leave. This Agreement will outline how the business will be valued and how the buy-out will be paid for. If there is no buy-sell agreement in place, then the partners will need to work out an agreement between themselves on how to proceed.

I don't have the equipment necessary to deoxygenate water by purging with argon/nitrogen etc. Are there alternative effective methods (better than boiling) which don't require specialised equipment?


Water can also be deoxygenated by filtering. For example, activated charcoal filters can remove oxygen as well as many other chemicals (see http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Deoxygenation-activated-charcoal_128982477.html for one commercial example). Commercial-scale filtration systems may require several steps, such as initial success with a vacuum filter and then activated charcoal, to produce more oxygen-free water.

What is the last documentary you’ve watched?

I recently watched "The Social Network" which is a documentary about the founding of Facebook.

Do you think Pelosi, knowing McConnell would try to sabotage the trial, held onto impeachment articles so the Democrats had time to create a dynamic prosecution case?

I think Pelosi may have withheld the articles of impeachment in an attempt to pressure McConnell into agreeing to more favorable trial terms for the Democrats. Specifically, I think she was hoping to secure a promise from McConnell to call witnesses who could testify about Trump's conduct.

Why would someone think putting chocolate in croissants would taste good?

Someone might think that putting chocolate in croissants would taste good because chocolate is a common flavor that is often added to baked goods.

Which jobs or tasks can you do over night to get paid, even independently?

some Examples of over night jobs are :
1.delivering newspapers
2.working at a 24 hour store
3.being a security guard
4.working the graveyard shift at a factory
5.being a taxi or Uber driver

Is it appropriate for me to attend a parent visit with my 13 year old son and his father?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it can depend on the specific parent visit and the relationship between the parents. In some cases, it may be appropriate for the mother to attend the parent visit with her son and his father. In other cases, it might be better for the mother to stay home while the father and son attend the visit together. Ultimately, it is up to the parents to decide what is best for their family.

How do the OS allocate the computer memory like where is system area and where is user area?

System area:

The system area is the portion of memory that is reserved for the operating system and other system-level programs. This area is typically located at the beginning of memory, and its size can vary depending on the operating system and the amount of memory in the computer.

User area:

The user area is the portion of memory that is available for user-level programs. This area is typically located after the system area in memory, and its size can also vary depending on the operating system and the amount of memory in the computer.

What does “source/destination” mean as in “remote mirroring source” and “ remote mirroring destination” with vsphere portmirror (VMware ESXi, VMware Vsphere, port mirroring, DevOps)?

This refers to the location of the original VM and the replica VM. The source is the original VM that you want to replicate, and the destination is the replica VM that you create.

Just hit an elk. I read somewhere you can get brave by eating the elk's heart. Is this ok to do?

It is not advisable to eat the heart of an elk that you have just hit.

The pictures I find on the internet that describe inflation stages always have quantum fluctuations happening before inflation. Is this true?

Do they necessarily happen at the very beginning?


That is a pity.
What happens in the inflationary model is that (as its name indicates) there is an exponential expansion from the time of the GUTesimo ( Grand Unification Temperature, then one blackbody spectrum for all known forces) to the electroweak transition temperature. Above this temperature QM rules, below it QFT rules.
The exciting idea of inflation is that because of this exponential expansion small perturbations start from tiny small values, and by the end of inflation are Gaussian distributed large fluctuations (1 cm qunatity, Planck length at GUTesimo)
Analogous equations describe 3 transitions whoecn we have observed experimentally, it would open a fundamental new area of physics if we can observe the inflationary transition by studying CMB.
There are indeed models with quantum effects during this expansion, most of tehm are derived in Susskinds talks on inflation linked in his homepage, which he gives at SLAC LBL and other places whose a mention belongs to KITP.
These effects are undoubtedly worthy of investigation but rather subtle, and far from observables. There might be a deformation of inflationary spots into interference fringes as shown in Susskinds talks? Quantum effects should not enter at all until we get within the Planck length and understand quantum gravity, but there must be something untrodden here to catch our attention until someone shows otherwise.

Is the China/USA war likely to become WW3 or just a localized conflict?

There is no official war between China and the United States, so it is impossible to say whether or not it could escalate into World War III. However, if the two countries were to get into a serious military conflict, it is possible that it could draw in other countries and escalate into a global war.

Can a Person’s Voice be a Trigger?

Yes, a person’s voice can be a trigger. This is because the sound of a person’s voice can be associated with certain emotions or memories. For example, if someone has a systemically high-pitched voice, this might trigger feelings of anxiety or fear in some people. Alternatively, if someone has a deep, calming voice, this might trigger feelings of relaxation or safety.

What makes La Cruset Dutch ovens so good?

La Cruset Dutch ovens are considered some of the best because of their durability, style, and functionality. They are made with a heavy enameled cast iron which ensures even heat distribution and retention. Additionally, their bright colors and designs add a touch of personality and elegance to any kitchen.

How is electrostatic force a sub-category of the fundamental force of "electromagnetism", & what are some other sub categories of this fundamental force?

The electrostatic force is a sub-category of the fundamental force of electromagnetism. Other sub-categories of electromagnetism include the magnetic force, the electrodynamic force, and the electromagnetic force.

What are some high profile films where the director broke the 180-degree rule?

Some high profile films where the director broke the 180-degree rule include The Shawshank Redemption, hothead, and Mulholland Drive.

Is it right to legalize marijuana nationwide in US?

It depends on who you ask. Some people believe that marijuana should be legalized nationwide in the United States, while others believe that it should remain illegal.

Why shouldn’t you lay down for 10 minutes after you take an antibiotic (Clindamycin HCL, 300 MG)?

It is recommended that you not lay down for at least 30 minutes after taking clindamycin HCL because the medicine can cause heartburn and reflux.

When a guy is in my girlfriend’s Instagram direct message suggestion, what does it mean?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It could mean that the guy is interested in your girlfriend, or it could mean that he is simply trying to be friendly. If you are concerned about what it means, you should ask your girlfriend directly.

Can children take both allergy medicine and cold medicine together?

This depends on the specific medications and the child's medical history. Always consult a physician or pharmacist before giving any medication to a child.

I have 60 days left of my OPT unemployment. I don't seem to be finding jobs. What are my options?

There are a few options available when exploring OPT unemployment. One option is to consult with your OPT employer to see if they can help you find a new job. Another option is to look for jobs online or through job postings. Finally, you can also look into starting your own business.

Which is the best online teacher (i.e. You Tube) for thermodynamics for a mechanical engineering student?

There are many online teachers for thermodynamics, and it depends on the student's learning style as to who is the best.

Is GoPro Stock a good investment (late 2016)?

This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on a number of factors including your investment goals and risk tolerance. That said, GoPro stock has been volatile in recent years and is currently trading at a relatively low price, which could make it an attractive investment for some investors.

How do some Christian denominations justify acceptance of homosexuality when scripture condemns the practice?

The practice of homosexuality is not condemned in scripture.

What are the best ways to stay awake all night?

There is no one sure answer to this question as different people have different sleep habits and needs. However, some tips to help stay awake all night may include avoiding caffeine before bed, staying active during the day, and keeping a regular sleep schedule.

Can there be a lawsuit for cutting pain meds?

Yes, there can be a lawsuit for cutting pain meds if the pain meds are essential to the patient's treatment and the cut results in the patient not receiving the proper amount of medication.

How recent advances for deep learning affect shallow learning?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it can depend on the specific application being considered. Generally speaking, however, deep learning approaches have shown to be much more effective than shallow learning methods when abundance of data is available. This is because deep learning models can learn complex patterns in data, which is difficult for shallow learning models. As a result, recent advances in deep learning may improve the performance of shallow learning models on certain tasks.

Is it a denial of human rights to deny serving people with children at a restaurant?

The answer may depend on the country in which the restaurant is located. In some countries, it is not considered a denial of human rights to deny serving people with children at a restaurant, while in others it may be considered a form of discrimination.

Is there sentiment in Italy for regaining Savoy, Nice, and Corsica (as there was until relatively recently in Germany for regaining the former eastern territories of Germany)?

There is no significant sentiment for this in Italy.

What are the common problems Indians face while investing their money?

The four most common problems Indians face while investing their money are:

1. Not knowing where to invest.

2. Not having enough money to invest.

3. Not understanding the investment options available.

4. Not being comfortable with taking risks.

What is the proper way to consume old monk rum with?

There is no one "proper" way to consume old monk rum. Some people might enjoy it neat, while others might prefer it with a mixer.Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

Which universities provide B.Tech evening programs?

Many universities offer B.Tech evening programs, including Tsinghua University,ante
Beijing Institute of Technology,Dalian University of Technology,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,
Jilin University,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,North China Electric Power University,
Northwestern Polytechnical University,Shandong University,Shanghai Jiao Tong University,
Southeast University,Southwest Jiaotong University,Tianjin University,University of Electronic Science and Technology of China,
Wuhan University of Technology,Xi'an Jiaotong University,Zhejiang University.

What do rain predictions mean?

Rain predictions for the coming days or week are created by meteorologists using computer models and precipitation data.

What sneakers did Zach Randolph wear in the 2015 playoffs?

The Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph wore Adidas Crazy 8 sneakers in the 2015 NBA playoffs.

What are some good websites that provide free assignment proofreading services, including free correction suggestions?

Some good websites that provide free assignment proofreading services, including free correction suggestions, are grammarly.com, paperrater.com, and hemingwayapp.com.

If an NFL quarterback is starting from under center on a passing play, is he most likely to take a 3-step or 5-step drop?

A 3-step drop.

What happens if the EU ends its quantitative easing programs?

The European Central Bank (ECB) has been conducting quantitative easing (QE) programs since 2015. QE involves the ECB buying government bonds and other securities from banks in order to inject money into the economy and increase lending. If the ECB were to end its QE programs, it would likely lead to higher interest rates, as the demand for government bonds would decrease. This could lead to a decrease in investment and economic growth, as well as an increase in borrowing costs for companies and consumers.

What is a difference between muscle definition and muscle mass physiologically speaking? Why does muscle mass equal strength as opposed to endurance?

Muscles are composed of individual muscle cells (fibers). The quantity of muscle fibers (cell hypertrophy) and the cross sectional area of each individual fiber contribute to overall muscle mass. The number of myofibrils (contractile proteins) per muscle fiber determines muscle strength. The number of mitochondria per muscle fiber influences muscle endurance.

If we create vacuum and drop a weight from a certain height, will it fall down? If yes then why so?


A weight dropped into a vacuum will fall, due to the force of gravity. In a vacuum there is no air resistance, so the weight will continue to accelerate until it hits the ground.

Why are strongly opinionated people considered negative?

Strongly opinionated people are considered negative because they tend to be critical of others and are not open to new ideas.

Is there any software/website that can help to track return/performance of a 401k's portfolio?

There are several websites and software applications that can help track the performance of a 401k portfolio. Some of the more popular ones include: Morningstar, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and InvestmentZen.

What should be the proper strategy and routine to clear any bank PO exam?

It is important to have a proper strategy and routine in place to clear any bank PO exam. Some tips that can help in this regard are:

1. Start preparing early: It is important to start preparing for the exam well in advance. This will help in having a better understanding of the syllabus and will also allow sufficient time for revising the concepts.

2. Understand the syllabus and exam pattern: It is important to have a clear understanding of the syllabus and exam pattern. This will help in knowing the areas which need to be focused on and will also help in time management during the exam.

3. Solve previous years’ question papers: Previous years’ question papers give a good idea about the types of questions that are asked in the exam. This will help in better preparation and will also boost confidence on the day of the exam.

4.Take mock tests: Taking mock tests is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. It not only helps in understanding the exam pattern but also helps in identifying the weak areas which need to be worked upon.

5. Revised regularly: Last but not the least, it is important to revise the concepts regularly. This will help in retaining the information for a longer period of time and will also help in performing well on the day of the exam.

Is it true that Chartered Accountants make good amount of money?

There is no definitive answer to this question as salaries can vary greatly depending on factors such as experience, location, and size of the firm. However, it is generally agreed that chartered accountants make a good salary.

Has anyone found any loopholes that would make the technology impossible in the Hyperloop project as detailed by Elon Musk?

I haven't found any significant loopholes that would make the technology impossible, but I have found a few potential issues that could make it more difficult or expensive to implement than Elon Musk's original estimates. One potential issue is the route of the Hyperloop. The current proposed route goes through some very rural areas, which could make obtaining the necessary land rights more difficult and expensive than anticipated. Additionally, the tube itself would need to be extremely straight and level, which could be difficult to achieve over long distances. Finally, the system would need to be designed and built to very high standards in order to ensure the safety of passengers.

What kind of research topic can one choose from remote sensing application in environmental impact assessment?

There are many possible research topics related to the use of remote sensing in environmental impact assessment, including:

• using remote sensing to map and monitor environmental damage caused by human activities;

• using remote sensing to map and monitor natural resources;

• using remote sensing to detect and monitor environmental hazards;

• using remote sensing to assess environmental restoration projects; and

• using remote sensing in environmental policymaking.

What's the best position to insert a long toy up my ass?

There is no one "best" position, as people's bodies and preferences vary. However, lying on your back with your legs up may be a good starting position. Alternatively, you could try squatting, kneeling, or lying on your stomach.

Are there any premium rooms on StockTwits worth paying for?

I'm not aware of any premium rooms on StockTwits worth paying for.

How do I market an application world wide while living in a 3rd world country?

One option is to localize your app for different markets. You can also try online marketing channels and PR.

Does there exist an ordered valued field $k$ whose value group is the additive group of $k$ (valuation theory, ordered fields, math)?

The answer to this question is no.

Why don't Muslims drink alcohol?

There are a few reasons why Muslims may not drink alcohol. Some believe that it is not healthy for the body, while others believe that it is against the teachings of Islam. Additionally, alcohol can be addictive and lead to other problems, such as violence or financial instability.

How will the Supreme Court view the DACA debacle, now that they have agreed to hear the arguments?

The Supreme Court will likely view the DACA debacle as yet another example of the Trump administration's chaotic and incompetent handling of immigration policy.

How should an aunt or uncle show their niece or nephew that they love them?

There are many ways to show your love as an aunt or uncle, but some specific ways include: regularly spending time with them, staying in touch even when you live far away, being a positive role model, providing guidance and support, and creating lasting memories together.

What are football club forms with the help of Gandhi?

A football club is an organization that helps people play and enjoy the sport of football. Clubs typically offer a variety of activities and services, including training, competitions, and social events. Many clubs also work to promote the sport of football and support its development.

What is the relation between magnetism and electricity?

Electricity and magnetism are two different aspects of a single force: electromagnetism.

Is the German Army powerful nowadays?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the German Army's power is relative to other armies around the world. Generally speaking, the German Army is considered to be a very powerful fighting force.

Have you ever been in a band and been unhappy with the direction the music is taking?

I've been in a few bands where I was unhappy with the direction the music was going. I think it's natural to want to experiment and try new things with your music, but it's also important to be on the same page as your bandmates. If you're not all moving in the same direction, it can be frustrating.

Has anyone ever realistically considered committing murder but stopped short?

Yes, many people have.

How do I constantly check if something is true/false while running a code in JavaScript?

You can use a while loop for this.

Why do all pop singers sing about love and dating most of the time?

One possible reason is that love and dating are universal topics that everyone can relate to. Additionally, love and dating songs tend to be upbeat and positive, which can make people feel good.

What do I do in this case? A girl that I talked to 2 weeks ago she told me she's gonna deactivate her Instagram she wanted to take a break and told me we can talk soon, today she opened her Instagram but she didn't even talk to me, what should I do?

If a girl tells you she's going to deactivate her Instagram account, it's probably best to respect her wishes and not contact her until she reaches out to you.

Why does the heartbeat sensor show random output?

The heartbeat sensor shows random output because it is measuring the electrical impulses emitted by the heart, which are affected by a variety of factors including emotions, physical activity, and medications.

What is the storyline of the book "My Wounded Hands: A Way of the Cross"?

The book "My Wounded Hands: A Way of the Cross" is the story of a priest who is struggling with his faith and decides to go on a pilgrimage. He is accompanied by a young boy who is also struggling with his faith. Together, they travel to different holy sites, learning about their different cultures and customs along the way. The priest comes to realize that his own journey is just as important as the young boy's, and that through their shared experiences, they can both find healing and hope.

Is EU the only bloc in the world where you can come the closest to the concept of global citizenship & dilute feelings of identity to the nation state? Even NAFTA & Trans Tasman don't go to the extent where they can call themselves the fellow other?

There is no bloc in the world that comes close to the concept of global citizenship like the EU. The EU is the only bloc in the world where you can come the closest to the concept of global citizenship & dilute feelings of identity to the nation state.

Are undocumented immigrants bad or good for the economy, and why?

There is no universal answer to this question because the economic impacts of undocumented immigrants depend on a number of factors, including the specific industry in which they work, their level of skill and education, and the local economic conditions. Generally speaking, however, undocumented immigrants tend to increase the overall supply of labor in an economy, which can lead to lower wages and fewer job opportunities for native-born workers. Moreover, undocumented immigrants are typically paid less than their legally documented counterparts, which can depress wages across an industry. On the other hand, undocumented immigrants also consume goods and services, which can create new jobs and spur economic growth. Additionally, they often fill jobs that would otherwise go unfilled, such as in agriculture or low-skilled labor.

Why does the government invest so much in missiles and drones?

Missiles and drones are an important part of the military's ability to defend the country and its interests.

Did anyone else notice their ability to taste things changed after they were vaccinated? Some foods just don't taste right and sometimes they don't tastes like anything at all.

No, I only started tasting things differently after I stopped eating meat.

What really serious event actually saved your life?

I'm not sure what you mean.

What would be the severity of the injury I would sustain if I were to stay in the sunlight for 48 hours?

A first-degree burn is the least severe type of burn. It only affects the outer layer of skin, called the epidermis. The skin turns red and there is swelling. A first-degree burn is painful.

Does age often hinder enthusiasm to do artwork?

Age doesn't necessarily hinder enthusiasm to do artwork, although as people age they may be less able to physically do artwork.

Has a politician local or statewide ever wore a hearing aid? I don't mean former Presidents.

I'm not sure about a hearing aid, but President Lyndon Johnson was known to wear a secret coil around his neck that delivered audio to him during meetings.

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