🔥👉 What were Tupac's young adult interests and influences?

"✅👉 As a young adult, Tupac was interested in rap music and poetry. His influences includedEazy-E, Too $hort, and Ice Cube."

Dr. Nathen Cole PhD
Dr. Nathen Cole PhD

Would english teachers tell the difference if you made slight changes to an essay?

If the changes are slight, the teacher may not notice. If the changes are significant, the teacher will likely notice.

Are there any plans to send a probe to Europa and search for life?

Juice missions to Europa are being discussed, but have not been greenlit yet. A current mission, called the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE), is scheduled to launch in 2022, but it is not currently planned to land on Europa.

If I am Gujarati, can I call myself a North Indian?

No, if you are Gujarati you cannot call yourself a North Indian.

Why are Quora questions not case-sensitive?

Quora questions are not case-sensitive because they are meant to be read by humans, not machines. Machines can process information more quickly if it is all in the same case, but humans read and understand information better when it is in different cases.

What causes a person to display 'asocial' behavior? Do genes play any role?

There has not been any definitive research on what causes asocial behavior, but there are a number of theories. Some experts believe that asocial behavior is a result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Others believe that it is primarily caused by environmental factors, such as being raised in a dysfunctional family or being exposed to violence. It is also possible that some people are born with a predisposition for asocial behavior, which is then triggered by certain environmental factors.

Who would win, Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece, Wano arc) or Son Goku (Dragon Ball, Piccolo Jr. arc)?

Goku would most likely win this battle. He has shown time and time again that he is a powerful fighter with immense strength and speed. Monkey D. Luffy may be a strong fighter as well, but his lack of experience compared to Goku would likely be his downfall.

What could be the answer, qualitative or quantitative? "A hazardous-waste disposal site is believed to be leaking contaminants into the local groundwater."

The answer could be qualitative, such as "the site needs to be further investigated," or quantitative, such as "the level of contaminants in the groundwater."

Why didn’t the Borg destroy the Enterprise in TNG when they had a least two chances to do so?

In the first instance, the Borg did not destroy the Enterprise because they were not yet aware of the ship's existence. In the second instance, the Borg did not destroy the Enterprise because they were more interested in assimilating the ship and its crew.

My boy is 2 years old and he is suffering from less blood in body. Which fruit and vegetables are good for him?

There are many fruits and vegetables that are good for children who are suffering from anemia or low blood levels. Some good options include leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and kale, as well as fruits like berries, apricots, and raisins.

What clothes can I wear to disguise my curves? love my curves! Because I’m so young (14), I feel there are right times and places for me to show off the curvy figure. What clothes can I wear that look nice but don’t bring out my curves so much?

If you want to disguise your curves, you can try wearing loose fitting clothing. Examples include flowy dresses, oversized sweaters, and wide leg pants. You can also experiment with different fabrics and textures to create a more flattering silhouette.

What is a concept you understand but can't explain?

One concept I understand but can't explain is what happens when we die. I know that there is something after death but I can't explain what it is.

In Back to the Future (1985), the generic Arab terrorists were specifically referred to as "Libians". Was there some kind of prejudice against Libians at the time or was it just a random nationality?

The Libyans in Back to the Future were meant to be a General Ripper-esque take on Muammar Gaddafi and his government. At the time, Gaddafi was known for sponsoring terrorist attacks against the United States, so the Libyans in the film are shown as being behind the terrorist plot.

How can you defeat a subatomic, quantum-based alien species that can manipulate matter, time, and space?

There is no one answer to this question as it would depend on the specific abilities of the alien species in question. Some possible methods of defeating them could include using similar quantum-based abilities to counteract their own, overwhelming them with numbers or superior technology, or finding a way to seal them off from our universe entirely.

Can yellow teeth actually be made white again through cleaning?

Yellow teeth can be made whiter through cleaning, although the results may not be as drastic as one would hope.

What are the advantages & disadvantages of European style "seam" butchery compared to the conventional American style?

There are several advantages to European seam butchery, including the fact that it is more efficient and results in less waste. Additionally, this method of butchery results in meat that is more tender and flavorful, as well as being easy to portion. However, one downside is that this method is more labor intensive.

Quora Etiquette: Should we not thank the top Quora writers for their answers since managing too many notifications may be time consuming for them?

There is no one answer to this question, as it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some top Quora writers may appreciate being thanked for their answers, while others may find it to be time-consuming. Ultimately, it is up to the individual writer to decide whether or not they want to be thanked.

Is speaking more than one language great?

Yes, speaking more than one language can be great. It can allow you to communicate with more people, understand different cultures better, and even improve your cognitive abilities.

What is a good response to this interview question: if you got hired, loved everything about this job, and are paid the salary you asked for, what kind of offer from another company would you consider?

I would consider an offer from another company if it was a significant increase in pay, offered more interesting work, or was located in a place I preferred.

Do people really know how much power a president has to tell states how to handle a problem?

No, most people are unaware of the president's authority to issue executive orders and direct federal agencies in how to handle a problem.

What song was originally called scrambled eggs?

The song was originally called "Scrambled Eggs".

If the planet's energy requirement can be satisfied through solar panels, what are we waiting for?

The technology for solar panels has been around for a while, but there are many factors that contribute to why they haven't been fully adopted on a global scale. Some of these reasons include the high initial cost of solar panels, lack of awareness or understanding about solar energy, and inconsistent state and federal policies. Additionally, the solar industry is still relatively new and faces challenges with financing, storage, and transmission.

Which work place safety related incidents have to be reported and evaluated by your employer’s Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) department?

The types of workplace safety incidents that must be reported and evaluated by an employer's OH&S department will vary depending on the specific company's policies and procedures. However, some examples of incidents that would typically need to be reported include: workplace injuries, near-misses, accidents, dangerous occurrences, and incidents of unsafe work practices.

How would you differentiate between the responsibilities and role of a nanny, a babysitter and au pair?

The responsibilities of a nanny, a babysitter and an au pair vary depending on the country in which they work. In general, a nanny is responsible for the care of children in the home of the child's parents or guardians. A babysitter is responsible for the care of children in the home of the babysitter or in another location, such as a daycare center. An au pair is responsible for the care of children in the home of the au pair's host family.

Why do I squint my eyes very hard and often when I'm sleeping or trying to sleep?

There are many reasons why people squint their eyes when they are sleeping or trying to sleep. One reason may be that they are trying to block out light so that they can sleep better. Another reason may be that they are trying to focus on something specific.

Is US economic policy predicated on redistributing wealth from old pensioners and savers to young people and spenders through consistent inflation?

Some people might say that US economic policy is predicated on redistributing wealth from old pensioners and savers to young people and spenders through consistent inflation. However, there is no definitive answer to this question since economic policy can vary depending on the administration in power and the overall state of the economy.

Is it currently a problem to draw sufficient cash for a holiday from ATMs in Delhi, India?

While it's possible to find an ATM that dispenses cash in Delhi, India, it's not guaranteed. You may have to search around for one, or you may need to use a different method of payment.

What actors or actresses quit being famous?

Actors and actresses who quit being famous typically do so because they want to live a more private life or because they feel they have accomplished everything they wanted to in their career. Some examples of actors and actresses who have quit being famous include George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, and Matt Damon.

Can a vegan grow enough food in containers, in a city apartment to solely subsist on?

It depends on the size of the container, but typically a vegan could not grow enough food in containers to subsist on.

What is the major principle of politics?

The major principle of politics is that the government has the power to make and enforce laws.

Is religion the biggest problem humanity is facing? Why, or why not?

There is no definitive answer to this question as opinions will vary greatly. Some people may say that religion is the biggest problem humanity is facing because it can be used to justify violence and oppression, while others may say that it is not a problem at all and that humanity’s biggest problems are caused by factors such as greed and hunger.

Are Catholics allowed to read the Book of Enoch?

There is no official position from the Catholic Church on the Book of Enoch, so Catholics are free to read it if they wish.

Is this a good screenplay idea? Psychopaths are now identified at birth, transferred to a well guarded area and have now formed their own kind of society that profits from entertaining “normal” society?

Yes, this is a good screenplay idea.

Why does the wire of my handmade necklaces appear to be ‘pulled’ or to have become loose after some time? Initially the beads are very tight, but over time the whole necklace becomes lose and you can see the wire underneath. Is the wire bad quality?

The wire is probably not bad quality, but it may be too soft or thin for the beads you are using. You might try using a thicker wire or a different type of wire such as beading wire.

What is a good organic baby shower gift?

Some good organic baby shower gift ideas include organic baby clothes, organic baby toys, or an organic baby blanket.

What are the soil type found in Indore?

The primary soil types found in Indore are alluvial soils, black cotton soils, and red soils. Alluvial soils are predominantly found in the river valleys and floodplains of the Narmada and Tapti rivers. Black cotton soils are found in the upland areas of the region. Red soils are found in the hilly areas to the south and east of Indore.

Can you share a eye catching photograph that deserves 67k upvotes?


This is an aerial view of a neighborhood that was flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

Is Hephzibah within the city limits of Augusta, Georgia or does the Richmond County Sheriff do not patrol there?

No, Hephzibah is not within the city limits of Augusta, Georgia. The Richmond County Sheriff does not patrol there.

How and why is religion supreme in all scientific reaches?

Science is a way of understanding the natural world. It is based on observations, experiments, and measurement. Religion, on the other hand, is a belief system based on faith. While science can help us understand the natural world, it cannot answer questions about the meaning of life or why we exist. Religion, on the other hand, can provide guidance and comfort in times of trouble. For many people, religion is the supreme force in their lives.

If you are a "nobody" in an Ivy League school, do you still gain significant network advantages after graduation in general?

There is no clear answer, as it depends on various factors such as what field you want to enter, who your network contacts are, and how willing you are to network. However, in general, having a degree from an Ivy League school can give you a significant advantage in networking, as employers often view Ivy League graduates as highly competent and employable.

Does getting a mechanic to rebuild your engine revert the engine to ‘new’ condition?

Generally, yes.

What does ‘on-road price’ mean?

The on-road price is the total amount that a buyer must pay to purchase and own a vehicle, including all taxes, fees, and other charges. It is typically higher than the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), which does not include these additional costs.

How do I view my PDFs in iBooks on my iPad?

In order to view your PDFs in iBooks on your iPad, you must first sync your device with iTunes. Once your device is synced, you can access your PDFs by opening iBooks and tapping on the "Library" tab. Then, tap on the "PDFs" section to view all of the PDFs that are stored on your device.

Why doesn't cigarette smoke fall?

Cigarette smoke rises because it is warmer than the surrounding air.

Was the Enterprise in ST : The Motion Picture the same ship as the Enterprise from the original? At least 1 character stated that it was all new, although they probably used the original framework. It seems less expensive to build a new ship.

The Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation is a different ship from the original NCC-1701, but they are both Enterprises.

How do you stop a group of witches attacking you daily non-stop? Surely the only way would be for them to die?

The only way to stop a group of witches attacking you daily non-stop would be for them to die.

If you could announce one message to everyone who’s sleeping, what would you say?

"Wake up, sleepyhead! It's time to start your day!"

Can my employer require a mandatory hearing test? If yes, under what circumstances? Can I refuse?

Yes, an employer can require a mandatory hearing test. However, the employee can refuse the test if they feel it is unnecessary.

How can I apply for a passport if my passport has expired and this expired passport has my father's name written differently than his name on his own passport?

If your father's name is written differently on his expired passport than on his current passport, you will need to provide an original or certified copy of his birth certificate, or another form of evidence...

Why has the opposition now started accusing the Ram Mandir Trust itself of misappropriation/misappropriation of the donation amount?

The Ram Mandir Trust itself has been accused of misappropriation of donations by the opposition. The accusations have started after the Trust decided to use the donations for the construction of a hospital instead of the Ram temple.

How come Jesus is considered to spread the message "Love your neighbor" if it's in the Old Testament too?

The Old Testament commandment to love one's neighbor as oneself is part of the Law of Moses. Jesus was considered to spread the message of love your neighbor because he often spoke about the importance of loving others, even those who are different from us. He also said that the greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind.

Is it common for Aspies to suddenly withdraw from relationships?

There is no single answer to this question as it can vary greatly from person to person. Some Aspies may withdraw from relationships due to social anxiety or insecurity, while others may do so because they feel misunderstood or unsupported. Ultimately, it is important to remember that everyone is different and that each individual with ASD should be treated as such.

Why does a scientific calculator not take a dot while converting numbers in hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary?

In scientific notation, the decimal point is always placed after the first digit, so there is no need for a dot.

Why do I become all wobbly and watery when I eat bread or pizza type foods?

You could be experiencing an allergic reaction to wheat or gluten.

Is it possible for me to recharge my Airtel SIM automatically before the data ends via Paytm or something else?

Paytm does not currently offer this service for Airtel.

Do you miss Donald Trump's smile when he was happy as a president?

I do not miss anything about Donald Trump, including his smile.

Which is the best Mirrorless Camera under 500$?

The best mirrorless camera under 500$ would be the Sony a6000. It is a great choice for those looking for their first mirrorless camera, as it is relatively inexpensive and offers features that are typically only found on more expensive models. The a6000 is a great choice for those who want to photography in low light or shooting action, as it has one of the fastest autofocus systems available on a mirrorless camera.

Rain is falling with downward speed u and number density r, and well-mixed snow, number density s, follows a random walk laterally with mean speed w, downward speed v; assuming uniform particle size, how often do a rain drop and a snow flake collide?

Is this affected by changing the size of the particle? Using a weighed sum approach
The very first equation we need is the steady state equation for the downward moving raindrops with speed u. This gives us

\frac{\partial r}{\partial t} = - u \frac{\partial r}{\partial z} \tag{1}

where $r$ is the density of raindrops and $z$ is the height. We can then solve for $r$ to get

r(z) = r_0 e^{-u z/H} \tag{2}

where $r_0$ is the raindrop density at the top of the atmosphere and $H$ is the scale height of the atmosphere. The next equation we need is theadvection-diffusion equation for the snowflakes with speed w. This gives us

\frac{\partial s}{\partial t} = - w \frac{\partial s}{\partial x} + v \frac{\partial s}{\partial z} + D \nabla^2 s \tag{3}

where $s$ is the density of snowflakes, $D$ is the diffusion coefficient, and $x$ and $z$ are the coordinates in the x and z directions, respectively. We can then solve for $s$ to get

s(z) = s_0 e^{-v z/H + D z^2/2H^2} \tag{4}

where $s_0$ is the snowflake density at the top of the atmosphere and $H$ is again the scale height of the atmosphere. The last equation we need is a collision rate between raindrops and snowflakes. We can assume that raindrops and snowflakes are equally likely to collide with each other, so the collision rate will be

C_{rs} = \frac{1}{2}\pi (r+s) (u+w) \tag{5}

Combining all of these equations, we find that the rate of collisions

Whose face is on the most objects in history?

The most objects in history is probably Jesus Christ.

What is a "Plug type" door?

A "plug type" door is a door that has been designed to fit tightly within a frame. This type of door is commonly used in garages and other areas where a tight seal is desired.

My passions include music (singing, production, percussion), writing, helping others, and traveling. What is a good college degree that combines those (other than the obvious songwriting)? I want a reliable job/ steady income as well.

There is no one perfect college degree that combines all of those things, but a few possibilities include: music composition, music business/management, music education, and music therapy.

How would Canberra react if Wellington pushed back on the Trans Tasman Agreement? Until Kiwi’s get exactly the same legal rights & entitlements in Australia as vice versa, same for Aussie’s in NZ. Can NZ successfully force an equal 50-50 partnership?

This question can only be answered speculation as it would depend on the specific situation. However, in general, if Wellington pushed back on the Trans Tasman Agreement, it is likely that Canberra would react fairly negatively. This is because the agreement is seen as a way to strengthen ties between the two countries, and if one country is not happy with it, this could potentially damage the relationship.

How much can a person with savant syndrome remember at once?

There is no known limit to the amount of information a person with savant syndrome can remember.

At what age did you stop playing with Barbie dolls?

I stopped playing with Barbies around age 12.

What does the British slang word "doof" mean, as in when Prince Harry once said "my grandfather instead of pressing "leave meeting" he just goes "doof"?

The word "doof" is used to describe someone who is stupid or foolish.

How do you avoid pain and speed up the process when you choose a voluntary death by dehydration?

When choosing a voluntary death by dehydration, it is important to drink lots of fluids and avoid pain by using pain medication.

What wide receiver do you think will have the best fantasy season this upcoming 2019 season?

I think that it iswide receiverwill have the best fantasy season this upcoming 2019 season.

Are leaders in Alcoholics Anonymous required to report underage drinkers?

There is no requirement for leaders in Alcoholics Anonymous to report underage drinkers.

In Dante's Inferno, the punishment that each soul receives is specific to their sin. Which sins have you had an appropriate punishment, or not, and why?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone may have a different opinion on what is an appropriate punishment for each sin. However, some possible examples could include thieves being punished by having to give back what they stolen, murderers being punished by being killed themselves, or those who committed adultery being punished by being forced to watch their lovers with someone else.

Is CET coaching available in St.Joseph Indian composite college, Bangalore?

I am not sure about the availability of CET coaching in St.Joseph Indian composite college, Bangalore. You may contact the college authorities to get the details.

How is Superman better than Batman?

Superman is better than Batman because he possesses all of the powers of a Kryptonian, whereas Batman only has the powers that come from his advanced technology and training.

What is the approximate Little League baseball size and weight?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the size and weight of a Little League baseball can vary depending on the specific league. However, a typical Little League baseball is around 9 inches in diameter and 5 ounces in weight.

Why do we go through things we don’t deserve, especially the good people?

There is no clear answer to this question. It could be argued that we go through difficult experiences to make us stronger individuals, or that trials and tribulations help us to appreciate the good times more. It could also be said that we go through tough times because it is simply part of life - everyone has to face challenges at some point. Ultimately, it is impossible to say definitively why good people have to go through tough times.

How do artists generally break into getting represented by the "gallery" world?

There is not one answer to this question. Some artists are discovered by gallerists who see their work in a group show or exhibition, while others are introduced to gallerists through artist residencies, open studios, or direct solicitation.

Can a Canadian commoner demand half of the royal fortune when she divorces a prince?

No, she would be unable to demand half of the royal fortune.

What is the next blockbuster style industry collapse?

The next blockbuster style industry collapse is the film industry.

What is the difference in the agenda between the so-called "reformists" in Iran, and the regime itself?

The "reformists" in Iran are a group of politicians who advocate for reform within the existing Iranian political system, while the regime itself is the government of Iran which has been in power since the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The agenda of the "reformists" includes opening up the political system to more pluralism and allowing for more private sector involvement in the economy, while the regime's agenda focuses on consolidation of power and maintaining strict control over Iranian society.

Why is beer served cold in the UK?

Beer is served cold in the UK because it is a refreshing beverage. Cold beer is also less likely to go flat.

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